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this is gonna take a while to write

TL;DR at bottom in FAQ

You read the title, so you know what it is about. Gonna quickly explain what to change, and then why for each and answer some FAQ. 

1) Give SWAT units and the chief AR-15 instead of an MP5/P90, give SWAT stun guns, and give SWATs them XM1014/M1014 (depending on how OP the rest seems) aswell.

- SWAT stands for Special Weapons And Tactics. Emphasis on weapons. SWAT teams IRL would get a much bigger arsenal than just an MP5 and some crappy shotgun (M3 super 90).

-An AR-15 is used by law enforcement agencies and would fit in with the current guns they get. Balancing this may be an issue as the AR-15 is very powerful, and even Nu-7 don't get it. 

- M3 super 90 is... I don't need to say any more. It doesn't even deal 100 damage, which is enough to kill an unarmoured person. That means, even if they don't heal after getting their armour destroyed, this gun will NOT kill them with all of its shots hitting their body. At point blank. It MAY kill them if some of its shots hit the head, but remember that it does terrible damage, and is likely not to kill someone due to its damage. Replace with one of the 2 I mentioned due to them being used more lawfully and they are much more modern (more so that something such as a Winchester or DB which are essentially used for hunting) and will be more balanced than something such as a serbu. 

- Stun guns make sense, only 1 person in the PD gets this right now which is the police chief. Everybody has to agree that, a lot of people die to people who resist arrest. Giving 3 more people in the PD stun guns will decrease the amount of deaths happening in ovis city due to people who just resist arrest, and let PD use a non-lethal method of stopping people running. Even if the rest of this threat gets denied, I want to see this in the game. Badly. SO many deaths are caused by people resisting arrest as I said before, and with this, it will reduce them dramatically.

- Balancing will be an issue, and is the main one. SWAT is level 25 (I think) and a level 25 with an AR-15 and stun gun may be grounds for a lot of RDM of civs and abuse of power. People claim PD is a 'secondary power' which is meant to be controlled or black mailed. PD can still be controlled, mainly by diplomacy, and by their urge to do something, such as keep MCND's supply chain going for them and the citizens, therefore giving them an alliance. They may also be controlled via diplomacy to protect Foundation which still lets them control the PD. There are plenty more examples but I will just carry on with my points. 

- PD is NOT a secondary faction. They enforce the laws of the city and with 8 slots, struggle with the 4 GOIs (not including Foundation) which reside on there, when all 8 slots are not taken, not to mention things such as field agents which infiltrate them and cause issues inside the PD's ranks. They have the funding of their country's government and should use that funding so (as to buy the aforementioned weapons) to make ovis more stable. The government own the city and in the game, are losing control of it. Remember that all 8 slots aren't normally taken, and it is common for only 2-5 to be taken when a good mayor is on and surface RP is nice and ripe. Giving them decent weapons allows them to content with MCND with their huge selection of gear when the salesman is online and they are hostile with PD, and to assist smaller GOIs like GOC when they are low on members and need assistance from the local law enforcement. 

2) Give the mayor the ability to buy an M1911 in the equipment locker.

- Mayor is allowed pistols, and an M1911 is a pretty weak pistol which he can use every life instead of having to buy it from MCND, in which the salesman isn't on normally. He is still able to buy better pistols such as the desert eagle from them if he so chooses to, and a pistol bag aswell if he does not like the M1911. Realistically, in a city where every citizen has an AK and is a potential terrorist and member of the anomalous community, the mayor of the city would carry a small fire arm in case of the worst. 

- Mayor can buy M1911 from salesman though? Well, yes, but no. Salesmen, as mentioned before, are hardly online and there are not many. Even then there is around a 50/50 chance for them to be hostile, and if they are, then the mayor won't be able to get a pistol that way. Then he will get the bare minimum, the provided M1911, to protect himself.

- Not much else for this as I have mentioned most of the reasoning above. Some may argue that he shouldn't get it and just buy it from MCND but I have counter argued that above.


Q: is this just for pd bumliccs

A: no it's meant to improve the PD overall, for any mayor, and not just for berg/curtis worshippers. maybe them aswell, but designed to improve when PD is active with any mayor


Q: I have a small thing want to change

A: suggest it in comments. I will probably edit this if I see any really good edits with good reasoning, and do not change it drastically. 


Q: this whole thing is BS -1

A: ok fine by you you probably play GOIs all the time and don't want PD to be an actual PD, atleast the changes don't increase slots/add things such as tear gas which police may use in real life to control riots and are OP ingame


Q: but MCND sell all the shit you are adding to PD

A: Yes, but MCND are technically dealing in the black market, and therefore are illegally trading weapons, which PD shouldn't be getting involved in. It also standardises the equipment they buy from MCND, and they can still buy things such as L115s, ammo types and M249s from MCND so it still gives them a market. I gave more reasons if you read the entire thread.



A: give PD better guns, give mayor a pistol, give SWATs stun guns

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Just dont give chief AR, hes still a cop, just the Chief, makes sense for SWAT, but not him

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1 hour ago, Atomik said:



Just dont give chief AR, hes still a cop, just the Chief, makes sense for SWAT, but not him

seems legit. might actually change that depending on how rest of community react to this, as chief already gets a P90 which is different to the rest of the PD

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-1 what urano said

tasers should be something limited due to the amount of lag cause. Like look at all the jobs that have it:

HR (wl)
ISD (wl)

O1 commander (wl)

Police chief (user)

All jobs except police chief are wl, and for good reason. Even on Police chief a one slot job when that slot is full its is often used to minge and i can only imagine the carnage that a 3 slot un wl job could potentially cause.

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