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Basic Information:

Steam Name + Profile link:
MAD1 -

Roleplay Name (e.g. GM TRP Johan): 
CE ARC PFT Colonel Bongo

Teamspeak Name:

Playtime on the Server:
06W 05D 05H

SteamID (

Any experience in staffing:
Not in the last 2 years, but in 2018 I reached the rank of moderator on a Dark RP server, however I resigned shortly after for personal reasons.

Current Age:

1 Warn - Gained earlier this year

Do you have a working microphone and is it understandable?
Yes, and after testing it, it is working perfectly.

Event Plan:

Create an event plan, this is what we will use for your first training event. Make it easy to understand and original(Use the Template)


Enemies, HP, Amount:
(e.g. BH, 6000, 3)

Commando Droids, Base HP, 5
B1 Heavy Droids, Base HP, 8
B1 Sniper,  Base HP, 1 for every 4 GC NCO+,

Sith Worshiper, 100k, 1
Sith Consult, 50k, 1
Sith Cynic, 65k, 1

These numbers are assuming the server is fairly full, if the player count is low, these will be altered to better suited numbers.

Passive, HP, Amount:

CIS Spy (Pre Event), 100k HP (will not die, only interrogated), 1.
Captured Republic General, 10k, 1

Republic's Execution:
(e.g. "- Fleet inform all troops that an unknown ship has entered orbit.")
Clone Side:
This event will be a small bit passive, however mainly combat influenced. The event will begin before map switch, on our base map there will be a CIS Spy landing inside of our base/ship called "CIS Spy [Name]". The spy will ask permission to land in MB with an [OC] stating "This is Republic Inspector [Name] Requesting Permission to Land", assuming Battalion asks for evidence, I will provide the correct evidence. After walking around the base snapping photos and acting ordinary, after about 10 minutes an informant will give the Battalion and Highest RC on the base, identity and location of the CIS Spy (Location will be on our MB). he will also tell the Battalion in charge that the Spy knows the whereabouts of a missing Republic general/senator.
Phase 2:
will act as similar to a manhunt but for RC to find the spy, assuming it wont take long as the Spy has no idea that he was been identified, RC will interrogate the spy, and they will find the location of the droid factory which may hold the Senator within. After this I will begin to collect ECs and await about 30 minutes for 7 o'clock to tell the Battalion to call a briefing and head to Geonosis.

Phase 3:
is when we land and we are briefed and taught what has gone on.  Battalion will tell all the army that RC have interrogated a Spy and found the supposed location of "Republic General [Name]" and they have also found a droid factory too. Troops will be guided to land at the factory where they will be met with a large ray shield, as the CIS had snuffed out the Venator, they had began prep for an attack.

Phase 4:
will be where the Ray Shield is hacked by CE/RC, shield regiments such as DU/CG will be prepped to push into the hallways while frontlines such as 501st, 212th, 327th and GM push within. GC for the first part will assist at the backlines watching for flanks, etc, 74th will heal wounded soldiers. The rest of this phase will be the push down the factory, clearing out rooms in search of the General. However, there will be a twist.

Phase 5:
will be once all droids are cleared out, a console will be found, while searching the factory, regiments will also find out that the General is not to be seen, making it seem as if the Spy had bluffed. The console previously mentioned will be hacked once again by CE/RC and it will reveal the co-ordinates of the Arena where the General will be killed. Regiments must make it there fairly fast to save his life, and they will save him.

Phase 6:
will be the push out of the arena, LAATs will do pickups for all regiments and once left, they will head up to the venator and the General will have some kind words to applaud the Clone Army for saving his life, while this is happening,  212th will blow the factory up and the operation shall be a success.
Jedi Side:


Jedi's Event will happen on the planetary, Jedi will continue their typical "patrol the area for Jedi things such as ruins, books, saber users etc. After searching they will find 2 sith protecting tombs. It will be up to Jedi if they would like to split up and kill 2 birds with 1 stone or do them 1 by 1. With these tombs, there will be Sith within. Each tomb will have a dedicated to a sith emotion. To open the tomb, they will have to use the force.

Tomb 1:
 Sith Cynic and a holocron in his tomb, Jedi will not know what he is protecting but he is very determined to keep it safe and to his own keeping. This Sith will be the combat induced one, aimed for the Guardian and combat preferred Jedi. This Sith will not stop fighting until death, leaving jedi to inspect the tomb to find a very anger filled holocron.

Tomb 2:
 Be protected by the Sith Consult, who will negotiate for most of it. He will wield a light saber but will be very reluctant to use it, it may only be used if angered/pushed to do it by bad negotiation. This Sith is aimed towards the Consular path as he will negotiate with the Consulars all the way until he gives up his tomb and hands himself to the Jedi. 

While negotiating he will reveal the identity of a Sith Worshiper, once done this, I will set up a location for Jedi such as Shadow path and Blade warriors to head to while the other Jedi transport and keep the Sith Consult steady. This Sith will be channeling hatred towards a Sith holocron with some other corpses near it. He will fight the Jedi until someone cuffs and takes him away / kills him in combat.

Event Character Execution:
(e.g. "- All Bounty Hunters are dropped off at the caves, they will stay there until further notice")
Before I tell them anything, I will inform all ECs the rules that come with being an event character. These rules being mainly the HP Rushing rule which was put in place to prevent unfair fights between average HP clones / very high HP ECs. I would inform them not to push large groups of clones unless accomponied by a large group of ECs, which should be around 3 or more. I would also inform not to spawncamp, for instance if a Commando Droid was sat in the back of CE Bunks and farming kills, If anybody breaks these rules, I will have inform my mentor of it and see if any punishments will be issued.

Clone ECs: 
They will hold the factory and spawns will be set within the ray shield. They will remain there until further notice. Once being pushed ECs will die fairly easily until they get to the lower part where the spawns will be set behind strong barricades. This will aspire the clones to use tactical pushes to get inside of the factory.
Once the factory has been lost, droids forces would be set up at the Arena where they will protect the general. I will hand out better weapons such as the CIS Shotgun or RTC to keep the ECs entertained for as long as possible.

Jedi ECs: 
The 2 main Sith will have Jedi with them for their entire lifespan as EC. However the Worshiper will be TPd to me as it will be the Dead Cynic who I will tell to change his name to Sith Worshiper.
The Cynic will be told to engage throughout his entire lifespan. Then second life he will be the Worshiper and can take his own route, engage or negotiate. However the Worshiper will have to fight for the start of his reign.
The Consult will be told to negotiate and only fight if intimitaded or forced to do so. He will be tricked very simple so I will tell the EC to follow Jedi orders etc..
Clone Side:
The clone side of the event is slightly inspired by "The Hidden Enemy", an episode of the Clone Wars where a CT SGT named Slick leaks crucial info on the republic to asajj ventress, acting similar to a spy. However he is exposed.
My twist is that he is grassed very early. Almost creating an act of suprise to the situation which could get RC and Battalion on their toes. My story will take some other twists with the Spy having been sent to the base against his will, it will be revealed in interrogation that the Spy was forced to infilitrate our base to keep the captive general alive.
It will also be dependant on RC to make sure this infomation is kept relitively secret to keep the general as safe as possible.
Jedi Side:
The Jedi side wasn't largely inspired by much but I will explain how it goes; There will be a Sith Cynic and Consult working under the Sith Worshipper, both the Cynic and the Consult will be tricked by the sith to guard holocrons, both of which hold no valuable infomation within.
The Sith Worshipper however. Will be channeling all of his hatred into a holocron, which will hold a lot of infomation that needs to be fuelled by hatred and sith energy to be released.
Once Jedi begin negotiations, a % ticker will be going up in 10s, this will go up quite slow and if jedi are too late, the Sith Worshipper will have fully opened his holocron and he will have all the infomation he needs to become a powerful Sith.
/advert [OC] This is Senator [Name] Requesting Permission to Land
/advert [RP] Sends Correct Infomation (for landing)
/advert [General [name] - Leading Battalion] There is a spy on your base named [Name] acting as a senator. He is under CIS influence and needs to be seized now!
/advert [RP] Holocron Chanelling - **% (could reach 100)

Event Information:

Have you ever Done an Event Before?:

What was your event and was it successfully executed?:
I have never done an event.

Do you understand the responsibilities a event-planner has? If so, what are they?:
I do understand the high bar I must set as an EP and also the responsibilities which come with it. I find the responsibilities are mainly to use what I have been granted to allow all Clone, Jedi and ECs to have fun within my events and also to be responsible outside of events. Also knowing that an EP rank has the same power ULX wise as Senior Admin, I must use that power to influence others to have fun and not to make it upset and make people angry. With this power also comes with acting as Staff with my ECs who are breaking the rules, also if there are no designated admins/mods online, then EPs must step in and take care of problems/claims. Knowing this I must also make sure that I never abuse my power and always stay humble with the ULX and other responsibilities I have been granted.

Do you understand at the beginning of passing the application stage, you will have to undergo a training phase until completely trusted to create and host events?:
Yes I do, similar to how teaching works I will have to learn the ropes just like anyone else did when they became EP and also gain the trust of the team with it.

Anything else?: 
Dupes for Tombs and Sith Ritual/Worship have been made,using minimal props.
Thank you for reading my application.
W-G E-Planner

former ct 2245 bong

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+1 bong

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And a bunch of other shit no one cares about...

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+1 cba to type reasons above

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- Friendly Guy

- Active

- Detailed Event plan for both Clone / Jedi (Nice to see High HP sith)

- Unexpected so good Luck  


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- Excellent event idea and sounds like a nice time.
- Good playtime and is ARC so it shows dedication and compitence.

- No ULX Knowledge but i don't doubt he will learn extremly quickly

Good luck you your app. This guy deserves is 100%

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Good Event plan

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Reasons stated above.

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-Active and dedicated to the server

-Good reputation and experience in both Jedi and Clone


-Good secretary



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I have been Ace for a month and some days now and since i started bongo was always a lad to me
Dedicated (proof of this is him being ARC)

Best of luck!

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From personal experience bongo seems like one of the best applicants for event planner right now. He shows a lot of dedication and is very active on the server, moving onto his application it is very detailed and his event plan seems like it would be a very fun event to partake in. He is a pretty friendly and approachable guy whenever I talk to him and he is extremely competent.


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Rittenhouse my beloved.

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Monkey Commando

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+1 all the reasons have been stated above

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