Two new maps

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What your suggestion is: Addition of two new maps 

Scriptfodder/workshop link:
Event map: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2095996687
Base map : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1977131704

Any additional information:
For the event map, it is quite standard it is quite large with two smaller outposts to attack and some smaller cave system, this would be nice to have as we have very few maps which are like this, and the ones we do arent optimised (Ren Var)
Has some cool features like destuctable walls

Base Map. 

This base map is from imperial rp however the clone wars version is super bad making you have teleporters around the map and a super small outside area. 

This map is very well built. It has a lot of areas. 
Big medbay (7+ checkup rooms)
Big Brig (with intergation rooms)
Big Generator room (Lights do turn off but only in certain areas and is not super dark (does take a while to do so) Sheild gen unit (which opens all raysheild doors not in brig) + waste diposal area (basicaly a sweage pit))
Big bunk area (some of the largest bunks I have seen with another room for an office)
Big battlion bunks (some office have two rooms in it meaning battlion can have a bedroom or an office room)
Good outside area with mountains around like rishi moon 
A jedi cave 
A rocket respluy room close to the combat 
A VDC with a door which can be opened to fly ships in 
Lots of funcalaity for example being able to open MHB while a raysheild it up
Seams to be highly optimised 
Poster with some tities 

Biggest one is the sith themed temple, there is one main room which makes this feal the most which is a intergation room in the place where a holocron vault would be, however with some props and the like it could be changed to fit the tone it a bit more. It also has some lava under the floor however this isnt as bad. 
Hard to noclip around as places cant be seen from noclip 
Some battlion offices are in the same area as JT (the doors are opoisite each other basicaly)
Caves floor is made of ice (not the biggest issue)
GR is hard to turn off (need to press upwards of 10 buttons in order)
Has largeist connentent (not to bad for the side of the map can be set to only download (about half a gig we have two of the packs already I belive )
Poster with some tities 

I think this map would be a nice fix for the 5 base map rotation we have at the moment


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+1 the event map i dont see why not , its nice to have a difference of maps , the base map has some negatives but i think they can be worked around and would be nice to have different base maps

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Maps look epic


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who cares




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Any new maps are welcome, so long as they work. A new large event map would also be really good as there are only a few that actually work and are used.

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+1 to both however instead of the imperial base map use this https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2045835794 (republic version) 

nvm too big use the imperial one still

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+1 Need More Base Maps

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