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Ability to change slots that weapons are in

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I think that there should be a menu or npc where you can go to and change around you loadout and what slots you guns are in to make it easier for you to get to certain guns that you may use more than others

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Follow the template please, and correct me if im wrong but i dont think that is possible.


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I mean its a good idea but it's probably inpossible to add onto Jurassic Gmod

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SWEPS are not possible to be made like this. When making a swep you need to add the following lines of code 

SWEP.Slot  = 0-5 this will make decide want slot the weapon will go to, 0 being 1 and 5 being 6. 

SWEP.SlotPos - sets how high or low the weapon is in these slots. 

SWEP.weight - this sets the priority of if you automatically swap to the weapon or not. Higher numbers taking priority. 

Enjoy the nice little LUA lesson.

either way to the important shit, these are all set values which are set server side so sadly you can not change them just for your own pleasure. I do personally wish it wasn’t this way but that’s just Gmod. So it’s not possible 




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