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What your suggestion is: Add rules restricting DU and CG being able to pull out shields when being shot. The reason for this is that plenty of times I and others have been shooting at CG or DU and they have just pulled out a shield to save them from dying, this is unrealistic and just unfair for ECs.

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wanna hear unrealistic, spawning in barricades out of your arse during battle. Even though it is banned you see it all the time. Being able to spam rockets is fucking unfair for EC's, on Anaxes you cant even move 2 ft without dying due to RC or 212th. there is a long list and DU and CG shields aint near the top G


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Not sure about this, DU and CG have only that to counter an EC that is superior compared to their weaponry. By that rule it'd cause more chaos and possibly false claims of pulling out shields while getting shot ect. Adds more confusion over anything. It is not unfair in any way. It forces them to not shoot back, giving ECs a chance to push. And I will not start about realistic actions in combat. An EC has usually 2.5k HP and a reasonably powerful weapon. This will not fix anything.

While I agree that I'd be more realistic to use shields tactically and not pull them out like that, same goes with everything else on the server. The shields are probaby the last piece of equipment that causes problems when used like that.


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I would like to see this implemented but with the number of rules du has at the moment it wouldnt make it fun and isnt the biggest problem with combat

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DU and CG's shields are incredibly valuable in choke points and besides
the shields rp wise would be on their backs when holstered so them pulling them out in a battle is perfectly reasonable

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