John's Unban Request

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My In-Game name: John (I hate the alias, but it is what it is)

STEAMID: STEAM_0:1:460130020

Steam Name: Kaedotornado

What is the reason for your ban: Exploits (Specifically Aimbot)

How long were you banned for: until hell freezes over 

Name of the staff member who banned you: Puggo (i believe it was him)

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: Hello, I have recently been banned from Werwolf Gaming SWRP for the belief of myself using exploits to pass an ARC trial.
I'll first start by saying that the ban doesn't look very good for me as one of the two videos of me, may look like me using aim-bot initially, however that was not me using aimbot, I had never used aimbot in the ARC trial and never before as well, I wouldn't even know where to find hacks for gmod. I'll first talk about Lewis's video, in this video you can see the use of arrow keys within Garry's mod, using arrow keys essentially locks the y-axis allowing you to turn very sharply, in the prior weeks of the ARC trial I had been training in using the arrow keys to help me aim better in training and events, as I improved I noticed that it helped a lot rather than your entire aim all over the place, I believe it was, for this reason, you thought I was using aimbot, however in the video I noticed you kept saying I was snapping, but you could rather clearly see my crosshair gliding across the screen rather than just instantly teleporting it right at the target as a snap would. In the second video by saffrus I believe, I have no clue what any of it means, all I could see was me and my team's blue lines aiming at the enemies and killing them, it seemed like you were directly targeting me and acting like every kill was my succession, whereas we all worked as a group in killing those enemies, I could hear you all saying watch him snap, which I didn't understand and you started saying whenever I aimed in, that just goes again what the other video shows when I didn't aim in and used arrow keys on a no recoil gun, also towards the end you said he's gone to talk shit to the guy when I was saying a good job (just wanted to clear that up for that poor dude #respect). Now I understand the odds are against me and the worst this is having no proof to back me up, so even a ban time reduction that isn't permanent would be appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read my unban request and I hoping you will be lenient 🙂

Edit: Really enjoying the memes, thank you

Evidence: N/A 

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you are spanish -1


ive just watched the video, this is blatant bullshit, if you actually told the truth and said you were sorry you may have a case. But you are not getting accepted at all.


and you are spanish

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The Boys


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-1 Blatently hacked stopping corn from getting ARC

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bro what even is this? did you see the videos? imagine trying to refute it 😂


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dude i dont even know why u were banned you are a skilled player and i believe you have 30/20 vision and you can visualize people through trees as your dad is elon musk and you can see it on your hologram machine +1

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+1 i am professional cs:go player and i can indeed confirm that using the arrow keys allows me to shoot people through walls without seeing them, same applies to gmod, obviously he's a professional gamer and some people just got really jealous and accused him for hacking.

Be ashamed

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1 minute ago, Breatoking said:

Imagine using a hack to get through an ARC eval. Retard honestly. Enjoy locking your y axis

Yeah you can give your opinion but the R-word isnt really needed there bud

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-1 says he locked y axis, but in video above you lock onto people bellow you who arn't even taking part

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Game over, you fully toggled me , get your sublime plutonium magnesium, isotope spoon looking ass out of this server

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I have never seen someone more blatantly lie in my entire life, you were literally shooting people before they were even in sight  from the other side of the map, while no-one else could even see them and yet you claim "I locked the Y-Axis".  You literally had 23 kills and didnt die once, pretty sure the next closest person was on 7 kills. Anyone with a brain can clearly see through the videos linked and the video I am linking that you are blantanly cheating, so please just cut the act, it was extremely obvious and you know it.


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Honestly one of the best performance in an ARC Eval 23k-0D, arrow keys clearly the only way to get into RC

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It's actually fucking funny that you're denying it. Blatant use of aimbot, in gmod as well of all the games. Absolute turbo mong.

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+1 He simply locked his Y-Axis no problem with that

lmaooooooooooo no thanks -1

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bruh ok i genuinely didnt think you would be this incompetant to post an unban request but here we are i guess


During the Evaluation, it first came to light that you were aimbotting when someone in RC realised that you had a very large amount of kills. To put this into perspextive, you had all the kills on your team and everyone else on your team had 0. We then decided to watch your gameplay for the next few rounds and it was extremely clear that you were using an external software to enhance your aim. The way your aim moves is inhuman and you locked onto people who you couldnt even see at the time. This then lead to several people beginning to record you and there are no doubt replies with the video as im typing. We all watched the evidence and looked at your 20 something kills and 0 deaths and then decided that you were without a shadow of a doubt aimhacking. Like come on dude. We may all play an RP Gmod server in out spare time but we are not braindead to believe this lol.


Never the less, have fun with the rest of your perma ban.

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Seriously... Not admitting to your own faults and owning up to them is a show of immaturity and childishness. 

Either that or you are the next CSGO pro. Getting kills left and right and calling them out as dead how much is your contract starting at?

Maybe if you had admitted to cheating you couldve been unbanned. Now you are never getting unbanned most likely and a half assed apology like every Youtuber, Blame it on everything other than yourself

Absolute Joke

leleouch cooler.gif

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free up lil john!
just locked his Y axis didnt do anything wrong smh

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