Storm Cadet training area

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What your suggestion is: To make the cadet training area (formations) proper ones instead of those images on the ground. The formations for the single column, tight/loose wedge, double column and firing squad are horrible to work with. They are overly small for no reason and there is no need for two of every formation either. Could it not just be like the one on anaxes or rishimoon which work perfectly fine? One of each formation in proper size laid out properly rather than a basically unusable formations on the ground that you can only use to look at and not stand on. 

Scriptfodder/workshop link: N/A

Any additional information: As it is now, it's difficult to use effectively. The map is Storm outpost. Is it not possible to just put the older squares down instead and permaprop it?

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You can make do with the already made map ones, Adding these extra props are not really needed and adds more props. 

More props = more lag

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1 hour ago, Nathan said:

You can make do with the already made map ones, Adding these extra props are not really needed and adds more props. 

More props = more lag

so why do the other maps have it then? it's really not that much 

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Am not too sure but i think the images in storm outpost are built into the map

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Formation images are built into the map


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It would be a lot easier to train cadets if it was changed.
The problems i have noticed with the cadet area are:
.The squares on the formations are too small because for example when am trying to teach a cadet double column I cant go down the middle as its too tight and same with tight/loose wedge.

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