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What your suggestion is: Adding a new Event map

Scriptfodder/workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2147462595

Any additional information:
This map in my opoion has a lot of potential, while it is made for Vietnam RP it could work. 

Large map with 2 differnet bases
Large city area with lots of inside area 
Large cave system 
Has signs of large amounts of optimisation 
Looks good 
Not star wars themed (mainly flags showing US and vietnam)
A little confusing (its a jungle tho)

How I would recomend the map to be set up: 
Not to use either of the bases, this would allow for more attacks and freedom to be done by the EP. This would also fix the problem of a very small amount of bunks on either side 
I would recomend you check the map out as theres probaly some stuff I have missed

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Map looks good and looks like it would perform well and be fun to play on. However, the Vietnam setting with the flags and buildings doesn't really give off a sci-fi vibe and i'm not too sure if it would fit in with the Star Wars setting of the server. Just my opinion though and the map itself looks fine for events.

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-1 It literally has USA and Vietnamese in it. Looks nothing star wars like

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+1 I want to be VITENAM 

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Like the outside and would be interesting for events except the inside doesnt fit in with the theme of starwars although if edited could be a good addition


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32 minutes ago, Nathan said:

-1 It literally has USA and Vietnamese in it. Looks nothing star wars like

The look is wrong however the combat would be quite intresting you shouldnt write a map off just due to flags and signs

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+1 This map could make for some great events, could disregard the camp and possibly set up a CIS FOB elsewhere on the map!

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Would be really hard to pass off as a Star wars universe map mainly with the architecture and the more modern military style of the map, would be better suited for VRP or militaryrp really.

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