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SCP-1048 App by John Stance

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State your current/most common RP Name:

John stance

State your current Steam Username: 


Provide your SteamID: 


State your current in game level(Level 30 required, exceptions can be made): 


State your current in game rank (User,VIP,Gold VIP etc.) 


State your current playtime in game (2 days required, exceptions can be made): 

2 week 8 hours

How many warnings do you have?(15 warns is the limit, exceptions can be made)You MUST PROVIDE A SCREENSHOT: rp_werwolfscp_v60043.thumb.png.08b406d25d3b6a0406caa6c736a32988.png

Do you understand the rules of SCP-RP? (1 sentence is not an answer.): 

Yes i understand, i readed them multiple times as well as i helped staff members on their sits when i call them

Do you understand the basics of 1048? (1 sentence is not an answer.): 

yes i did. i must passive rp and interract with other foundation personal. show some love to them by using gestures by drawing them some paintings or hugging them, roam the facility with them


Do you understand that PassiveRP is very important in this job and why?: 

yes i did. scp-1048 is not about getting ears only. i must interract with others or let them interract with me, do research on me. or i can kindly ask them to open doors for me by pointing or just looking at the thing i want. its also important that everyone is having fun because if 1048 minges and doesnt even give care about passive rp, its probably cause atlesat 10 player to rage quit

Do you understand the rules of SCP-1048, and are you willing to follow them at all times?(1 sentence is not an answer): 

yes i did.

i cannot leave the facility without getting kidnaped/escorted. i must be escorted or kidnaped by any GOI, when getting out we must notify a senior admin or higher about going out from caility, when the pass is granted, i am free to go with the GOI that kidnapes me

i cant use my chat/voice chat to communicate trough players due to the 1048. i must co.mmunicate with them using /me or /it commands. i can use drawings with /write (i dont know what command is that) 

i cannot force/let other scp's attack to me. such as like scp-049-2, 106, 457 etc...

the person im going to take ear must be crouching in my direction and he must be actively interracting with me to allow me to take his ears with my swep

i cant use props to build an scp 1048 instances

when im cuffed i cant break out

i can be under fear rp. when im threatened by any job that can contain scp's i must obey what they say

i can open doors due to my small height but i can open doors with the door handles such as like subway doors or blue doors

scp-1048 is not only about collecting ears. i must passiveRP

i must not spam "i collected enough ears" at admin chat

i must avoid doing contact with anomalies

Describe how SCP-1048 should act with and around Foundation Personnel:

it acts friendly as long as theres 1 person left in the room and its interracting with him while crouched, i must attempt to take their ears and run away from there. if theres multiple person in the room, i must act friendly  with gestures by hugging legs, drawing some paintings for them, play with them. i must act friendly so they can actualy let me pass from doors  by getting their trusts


Describe what SCP-1048 does: 

scp-1048 just roams around the facility when its CC door is open. it mainly interracts with the foundation personals with gestures to be friendly and lovely or to get their ears to make SCP-1048-A, its hes choise. it mainly uses personals to pass trough doors as well as getting their trust too.


A GOI has breached you out of containment and take you to Gate A, they tell you to come with them, what do you do?: 

ask them if they have senior admin+ permission to take me out from facility from /looc, if they have the permission i will go with them but i will also try to interract with them trying to  take their ears

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