Magic, removals and Anti-Tank Guns, oh my.

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This post will be divided up into three suggestions, nothing more to say.





Re-add Magic

Allow Pappy Plague to tell you a story about the past. Now, way back in V4 Nothing has this amazing system with this very SWEP. Every character within Nothing had a specific "Magic rank", allowing them access to stronger and stronger spells based on their level. The addon is incredibly neat too, and also has alot of customizability for custom magic, for devs and SMT alike!. The addition of this will also allow various other magical jobs to actually flourish and work.

 Sure, the addon is quite huge but it is definetly worth it, also see point 2.





Remove drones

I'm gonna be completely honest. When I suggested Drones Rewrite I expected all of the drones to be implemented, despite its large length. Instead we got an addon with multple missing entities, but remaining models, completely voiding the cutting of many of the entities??? Not to mention the fact that all of the Weapons from the cut Drones STILL remains, making it even MORE null. 





I don't know about you but the entire reason the rifle was even made in the first place was so GOC would have a counter against the unstoppable fucktrain that is the Construct. A quote from Houston should say enough in this case

"You know, 3 GOC Orange suits with RPDs and shit, couldnt do fuckin shit to it"

In this specific scenario, where I was a part of, I can attest to the fact that it's absolutely braindead how much health and how fast the construct can heal (No cooldown in healing, it's literally click as fast as you can, just bind mousewheel to attack1 and become invincible).

Nobody uses the AT rifle, except the occasional Event Planner, now Event Manager that gives it out to random people if they ask for it, even now I would say it is perfectly balanced, with an unholstering time of about 30 seconds or so and a reload of 5 seconds.


That's all, folks!

Leave criticism, critique or just general shitposting in the comments, I will definetly see it.

(Kevin, don't fucking post that shit or else I will personally RPG you everytime I see you on the server.)

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+1 to everything


god bless makes sense

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Point 1: I don't see a large issue as long as it's used enough or whatever to justify for it be kept/added.

Point 2: I'm okay with this, if, you find a replacement or just re-add whatever we had before for the drones, because their are a few jobs that need them still. 

Point 3: Nah, I hardly ever fight a construct unless there raiding the Foundation, you don't really see them roaming about unless there really needed, which for good reason. The Construct sucks at fighting, if you just stay more than 1-2 meters away, then he can't hurt you, really it's just a huge meat shield. If you can't kill a construct out in the open with three guys armed to the teeth with Assault Rifles, then nothing will help you. Besides, most of the time, unless their is going to made rules, I'm just going to see this used more as a sniper to get a 100% 1 shot kill on some random person then fighting the Construct. If you really, really, really want to nerf the Construct. Then just either nerf his healing swep, or re-add the old rule where he can't heal in combat. 


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+1 to everything really.

Quick note: The construct is no longer playable, with the new Church of Maxwellism, church management has specifically told us that we could no longer play as the job until further notice. If the new rework of Church gets completely implemented and loved by the current members you'll see a complete removal of construct or another job to replace it that is hopefully more passive RP related than being a war machine.


If management decided that it no longer wants to be Maxwellism and go back to its old ways of being Broken Church aka surface bullies then you'll see construct being played. 

Hope we don't tho Maxwellism is fun.

Another side note: If you really wanna kill a construct just let someone be bait to follow it around and the others focus fire at it from afar. It'll be completely fucked if it's in the open with no cover plus the new rule of not being able to combat heal.


That is all have a good day, good suggestion!

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+1 to the magic however only for events.
Good ol' V4, what an interesting time that was. Yes, Nothing did have that magic SWEP and yes it was fun however I'm sure you'll agree with me Plague when I say that it was a very large factor in what killed the group in the end. Everyone who used it slowly descended from RPing with their character to just screwing around with the spells for the fun of it. I agree that the potential it has would be amazing for events but I don't think other people should be given access to it.

Neutral to the drones.
The drones can be useful at times but most of the time don't have a use. Even with this I don't think we should just get rid of them entirely and remove the possibility of using them completely. Should it be replaced with something else that would serve that purpose and fill the gap then I'd be in support of removing the drones.

Neutral to the rifle.
This really depends on if the construct is removed like Rick said it might be. Should it stay around then I agree that this would be a useful tool to have against it even though it would have to be restricted by rank or on a person to person basis otherwise we'd have an army of GOC with rifles that can one shot people. While yes that would be hilarious, I wouldn't want to subject anyone to that kind of horror. Should the construct be removed then I see no need for this rifle as it's only remaining purpose would really just be for use against players which isn't fair even with the reload as well as just unneeded for the job.

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For first point yeah, only for events. TSH's magic is fine

Second one, just remove the drones, no

Third one, construct is removed, and just crossfire him knockback will not make him move most of the time. no

Neutral/Minus One

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+1 to all

Plague knows best

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