Nathan Dixon

replace sword anomaly has with upgraded knife sword

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title says it all lol

SWORD ANOMALY HAS RN: can't swing while running, does crappy damage, needs to hit like 10 times to kill

UPGRADED KNIFE SWORD: about 3 tap at front, can swing while running, no useless block, 2 types of attack

WHY?: because when you get a sword and nothing else you think why has god done this to me because you know that your chad friends with pyro swep can set somebody on fire, jump away and set them on fire again and they die but you have to sneek up on them and shank them a bunch to even get anywhere

cloak swep your friends can litterally go invisible and can't be shot while you are getting shot at still trying to kill 1 person

shape shifter can litterally go around a corner and left click and they look completely different and can also blend into groups while you stand around with your sword getting shot at by 5 nu7

psychic vision can look through walls and weigh up a situation based on what you see so if there is only 1 person you know they are coming and you can kill them before they even get to you while sword guy waits around a corner and gets immediately shot when 1 guy appears

agility can outrun any normal person easily and jump up rlly high making it impossible to catch or hard to shoot while sword guy tries to escape the 3 field agents chasing them but just gets shot a bit and dies because he was an almost still target

change le sword because rn its more of a 'i got 2 abilities but 1 is a sword, oh well' or a 'my only fucking ability is a useless sword and now im gonna kill myself to get a new ability'

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