Mile Kevas

Mile requests to ban Harold Vogel

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Your name in-game: Mile Kevas

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:31814162

Person's you report name: Harold Vogel

Person's you report SteamID: STEAM_0:1:168655448

Why do you want him banned?:

I will now provide a list of all the things he has done with timestamps for the Evidence Video.

00:10 - Mic Spam
02:15 - Changed Class to Security Officer and it looked like he almost wanted to open the 2nd door from D-Block, but I stopped him.
02:40 - He tried to run in the airlock right as the doors were closing to go inside D-block
02:55 - 1st Stun Stick on HOS (I let it slide)
03:54 - 2nd Stun Stick on HOS (Still let it slide)
04:20 - 3rd Stun Stick on HOS (I tell the foundation he is AOS)
09:47 - 4th Stun Stick on HOS (Still AOS)
12:06 - No RP reason to say that in comms
16:38 - More Mic Spam
20:47 - Harold gets Demoted to D-class for 10 minutes (look at 24:44)
21:13 - OOC message
22:14 - More OOC
24:44 - Harold changes to Cafeteria Worker just to come to me to tell me his OOC opinion. (look at 20:47)

Some things that just happen to be in the video:

05:10 - Somebody also says that he has been Trolling the whole day
15:33 - Starts a clown fiesta to cuff him (He knows that cuffing somebody is almost impossible alone)

Evidence(It's a must. If not provided, request is denied.):


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Ban request? Well if he was minging you could have just reported it to staff to warn him not to do so, I know Harold and he would comply. We all get bored sometimes on the server , but I don't see a reason to ban Harold since we had pretty good roleplay as CI and MC&D (He is not NHTRP kind of guy). All in all , I think this should serve him as a lesson to not repeat same mistakes over and over again, and to immerse more into the roleplay side of the server.

And since there's no actual harm done to the community besides interruptions , I think he only deserves warnings for his actions (And maybe a 12-24 hour ban) to learn his lesson.

Edit: Forgot to add, warns should in my opinion be for Stun stick abuse and nothing else. 
And do you mind if I ask you something? Do you have something personal against Harold or you took a 25 minute video just to play Valve Overwatch on gmod lol?

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This is only evidence for what he did today, but in fact he did the same stuff yesterday, for that I dont rly have evidence.

And I did tell him to stop this thing, I acutally said " I get it you are bored you want to have fun, but I am trying to RP", but nothing changed.



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2 minutes ago, Lando Norris. said:

why do u think hes makin a ban request 

I talked to him, he claims he didn't even get a verbal warning from staff

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5 minutes ago, Kruni said:

 Do you have something personal against Harold or you took a 25 minute video just to play Valve Overwatch on gmod lol?

Nope, I don't think I have something personal, I just have the feeling he really was tryharding to troll me both yesterday and today.

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17 minutes ago, Johnwickisblak said:

So, you wanted him to get warned for Mic Spam and mingery?.......

Well, I couldn't really ask staff to warn him for any of that without proof, and since this was the 2nd day he does this, I thought maybe this would calm him down a bit. 

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6 hours ago, GHOST_killer said:

Well it's raw, unedited proof of what he was doing, that is why I provided timestamps, to help out people find the said problems.

What about the 28 minute long video of him doing that? Isn't it enough proof?

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4 hours ago, Johnwickisblak said:


Ok, you don't rly understand. 

Let's try again. 2 days ago he started doing these things to me for whatever reason he had. These things he was doing, I wanted him to get warned for them, however I knew that without proof, nothig could be done. And yesterday he did the same thing, so I recorded a good portion of it and I decided that a mere warn might not be enough for him. I know that banning him is a bit overkill, but I would like to see him banned for 2 days maximum, so he has time to cool off. 

Hopefully now you understand. 

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8 hours ago, GHOST_killer said:




I'm literally just asking what you want him warned for. I have no clue what you're talking about. I'm just going to rephrase my question so that it's more clear.

Do you want him warned for Mic Spam and Mingery or is their additional things you want him warned for that I didn't catch?

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