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I want to highlight an important message here that doesn't seem right to me, so I want to make it official that I am not looking for answers but for people to understand where I'm coming from. I have heard of multiple cases of people stun-sticking and phys-gunning people who are epileptic and also had one today. I want to make it clear that this is extremely dangerous towards the health and safety of users with epilepsy and keeping these people on the server is a massive hazard, as they might do it again for some sadistic pleasure or not caring about consequences. Today there was a kid who was taken to cells for continuously flashing his physics gun in a 15 yr guy who has epilepsy, and the 15 yr was home alone, so he would have died if an epileptic attack was to occur, he had told the kid multiple times to stop and the kid continued to do it. Once he was at cells we were trying to tell him how serious this was and how he could have killed someone due to this, but he thought it was a 'waist of time'  and 'stupid', and the admin who was there said he banned someone for this before but got told off for it, I want to make it clear that one life is not worth a couple of dollars, and this could have followed onto a large lawsuit that would be on the kids shoulders and on other's potentially, so please listen and please allow bans on the entitled brats who only play the game for malicious pleasures. Like I said at the beginning, I am not looking for a argument, I am not looking for people who think I am wrong, I just wanted to spread my opinion and hope that someone takes some action and stop people who think harassment and attempted murder is acceptable.

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