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Internal Tribunal Department. ??? application.

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SCP Foundation Internal Tribunal Department documentation:
Dear sir or madem, it has recently come to our attention that the Ovis City branch of the Tribunal Department [Site- ██ ] is some what lacking, or more frankly non-existent, to solve this, the Department has decided to send a small staff of [REDACTED]. However, due to the Department's buget we will only be sending Sentence enforcement team units, we trust that they can do well, we have taken the liberty of sending you a file on our top man being sent. We hope that this document finds you well- Dr Ackleburg.

SCP Foundation Internal Tribunal Department documentation:
Date 17/09/1991
Name: Horris lackeler.
Age: ██.
Placement: Sentence enforcement team.
Back ground:
Horris lackeler was born in ██ in north devon, UK after working for some time in the military serving until ██, once leaving the armed forces he was recruited into the foundation, after some months of work he was promoted to a recruit in the Sentence enforcement team, in 20█ he was promoted further up the ranks to Sentence enforcement team leader.
End of documentation.
[OOC section]
Name Of My ???: Horris lackeler.
Name Of The Job: Sentence enforcement unit.
Player-model: Trench coat playermodel ( Unsure what its called exactly).
Automatically Given Items: Keys, Grav Gun, Toolgun, Toolgun, Tazer.
Items In The Locker: PM pistol, elastic handcuffs, tactical handcuffs, police handcuffs.
Disguises: None.
Entities: None.
Comms Given: Foundation.
Keycard: clearance level 4.
Ability: None.
How it will impact RP: the Internal Tribunal Department is there to add to roleplay inside the foundation and in effect is to serve as a judicial system to aid MTF Omega-1 or other MTF that serve in there role and hold hearings in order to deliver a just sentence this way no biased verdict can be delivered. As of writting MTF Omega-1 is currently the police of the site, however the one problem with this is that MTF Omega-1 is loyal to the ECM or ethics committee member, the lore of the ITD says "The Internal Tribunal Department has the right to provide various punishments, including death penalty, particular method of death penalty, dismission with personality restructurization, personality restructurization without dismission, reduction in rank, correctional labor, persecution of third persons (relatives, significant others), etc. Revision of a judgement may be initiated only by the ISD or O5 Command in light of newly discovered facts. Any Tribunal judgement may be repealed by O5 Command." this allows the ITD to act without fear of intervention or repercussions from any person apart from those in the highest places.  The unit on-site will hold a open court in EZ or LCZ, somewhere out of the way the harshest punishments will be saved for traitors and those who endanger other, all verdicts will be carryed out in a humane and quick fashion, and we should always take into acount if it was with malice or not.
I will leave a link to the SCP wiki department link if you wish to read it:  http://www.scpwiki.com/tribunal. 

PS. I am unable to remeber if this is the correct place to post this, mind like a sieve.

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