Mikey UnBan Request

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In-Game Name: Mikey


Steam Name [M] [533] Mikey Sanders

Reason For Ban: When banned for 3 Day i tried to join on an ALT account.

Length of Ban: Permanent

Name of Staff who banned you: Console

Why do i believe i should be unbanned: To be Honest, i tried to  go on the server with an ALT because i wanted to see if i could get into the Battalion i was removed from earlier that day, to show that i was a good member of that Battalion. Also i have been Banned since March 25th Which i believe is long enough for me to have matured a lot more than i  was then. I understand if you don't unban me why but i would love to get back onto the server and prove myself a good Soldier!


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Also i was banned for 3 days because i left the server when accused of something i hadn't done, which i did 30 mins ago which i went into prison for 20 mins so i was fed up of waiting 20 mins in jail!

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You just recognized what you did, and you are even complaining about the brig time and justifying your LTARP? Not only that, but you could easily have waited 3 days to join back the regiment you wanted to be in, that looks like a blatant lie to me and an excuse to try to avoid a ban.

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Literally PermaBanned for trying to bypass a current/existing ban and you also you LTAPed. This is a no no from me. If you are in Brig for something you didn't think you committed, you contact an Admin, you don't hit the quit button.

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