I've been seeing errors since January.

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I used to love this server until I got a new PC and ever since that (even after subscribing to the workshop) almost all the characters models and items appear as errors. I have deleted and re-installed the actual gmod game itself and resubscribed countless times so I don't know what the issue is. I've been trying to contact staff in-game for months but they just tell me the same thing ("just sub to the workshop duh..") so I've came to the forum for help. Hopefully this is actually fixable because I genuinely love this server.

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downllad the dntire steam library aswell as gmod workshop that might work

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On 9/22/2020 at 1:32 AM, Azazel Keenan said:

Have you verified integrity of files before loading up the game? I have to do that about every three days or else half the server becomes errors for me.

How do I verify the integrity of the files? 

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go to Steam Library ( in your computer app ) > Click Garrys Mod > Click Manage > Click Local File at the top of the screen that showed up > click VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FILES.

Another way is Delete Garrys Mod Cache in the game files, it will cause all the mods in GMOD to "Refresh" basically 

Also make sure u downloaded the mods in workshop and not have it downloaded when u join server if you didnt download them on steam use this link and download all the mods listed there:


Also ensure you have CSS (Counter Strike Source) installed:


Also here is how to verify Game files: 



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