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Jimmy Malone Unban

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Server you got banned from: Star Wars RP

Your name in-game: Jimmy Malone

Your SteamID: zeusenalios

Admins' name that banned you: Krowly

Admin's steamID: Don't know

Why did you get banned?: Minging

Evidence(Un-necessary): There is a ct called Dave who can testify for me (if he's there)

Why do you deserve to be unbanned?: I was forced to run laps, but when I finished I had to come back and get in line. I RP'ed being out of breath, and some random guy just takes me over, calls me a minge, doesn't let me say anything, and bans me.

Anything else?: 

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My guy, you had multiple chances to behave properly. Apart from the fact that before you insulted and disrespected me, made death threats against me and got kicked before, you took part in the mingery with the 6 other people who got banned for 5-7 days. Dave was one of them, screaming around, running away, disobeying orders or breaking PTS. If you search for your actual SteamID STEAM_0:0:462063425 you can find multiple arrest and demotion logs under your other aliases (Poseidon Seas, Broken Legs, Cheese Underling, Marcin Dubielski, Pedro). Your mingery has continued on over 1-2 weeks and your participation in that fuck fest, after multiple arrests, demotions, verbal warnings and kicks, lead me to ban you for 3 days.


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I don't really think the best way to get unbanned is telling the admin who banned you (who listed several perfectly good reasons to ban you) to "get off your high horse" and calling him a "complete loser".


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-1 i mean do i have to say anything else

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Not only behaving like an absolute cunt and being rude to someone who is only doing his job, but also trying to get off the ban by lying, i hope your ban gets extended.


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