Cameron Stoker's O5 Application.

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Your In-Game Name: Cameron Stoker

Your Steam-ID:  STEAM_0:1:128962199


Your Age: 17


Your In-Game Playtime: 2 weeks, 3 days.


Your amount of warnings (15 Warnings max): 1.


Rate your roleplaying skills: Probably 9.5/10.




What would you like your O5 Designation to be?: O5-7 The Blackbird. Yes I know Willrick had this exact designation but I had settled on Blackbird as my designation for a while, just waited for him to either change or move on. Can change the number if necessary. (I have updated the request to be -7 instead of -5, however, I am currently unaware if there are pre-existing reserves. Please treat this as an application for reserve if -7 is filled prior to my acceptance.)


(300 to 350 words)

Why do you believe you should be part of the O5 Council and what can you bring to the role e.g (Pressure in extreme situations, making the tough decisions):

 As the owner of Head of External Affairs I can attest that I have had to deal with lots of negotiation situations and the constant monitoring and engagement with GOIs on the server. I understand the necessity of PassiveRP on the server and why the Council needs to be comprised of people who are willing to do so to help positively influence the flow of RP. Because of my position I also know that I have great experience in commanding units under strenuous circumstances and helping dictate the flow of certain scenarios to move in the Foundation's favor. I understand how to manage units under me and perform delegation by constantly interacting with administration like the Site Director or other Heads of External Affairs to give them the capability and power needed to get the job done, as the O5 is not someone who comes on site just to take over all of the responsibilities of administrative roles. I think I'd make a good fit given that most of the two weeks I have spent on the server have been in doing such things like handling negotiations, performing these delegate tasks and building my knowledge of Chain of Command. I am confident that I would need little to no time to warm up to the role and that I could immediately be of usage by bringing my experience with my group as well as knowledge of the dynamics of the server in general to the table and adding more manpower to the council. I also know that I have the coordination to work with other members of the council, given how I have had to relay and pass around the information to my own department and trust on their judgement in matters I might not fully be aware of, showing my trust in the actions of others which would be essential to be part of a council. UPDATED: As well as this, I believe various members of the council can attest in recent times through my tight interaction with them that my RP and logical skills in general have been to a very high degree, and hopefully have amended the fact that some council members were viewing me as annoying.

(100 to 150 words)

How many O5 Council Members are their in the SCP universe that are known but not on record?:

 Through the usage of constant misinformation from certain departments as well as doubles so that staff around them are confused, the council have maintained constant secrecy on how many members there actually are. No one except the council and very select subordinates know how many members are active at once on the council and the rest of the Foundation is purposefully tricked and misled to further protect the identities of these select few, as their continued service to the Foundation is that important. Various cover stories and ruses such as the council not even being real or that it secretly governs random members of administration roles are all deployed at once to ensure that no one figures out the truth.

(300 words)

Can you explain what an O5 does for the foundation and the site itself and why he himself differs from any other site Adminstration?: 

Each member of the Council is delegated with different departments and thus has different tasks and goals that they will be focusing on when they are ever on duty. Given that various members of the council oversee different departments, each member may be prioritizing the chance to provide help to their department behind the scenes or through the usage of the Site Director. Their ability to remain anonymous while commanding the whole site differs them from any administration as it enables them to progress the site without ever being placed in danger. Their trusted competency also means that they are able to quietly evaluate the performance of any acting Administration or MTF commander, meaning their very presence is enough to provide quality assurance to the site. Whilst the Head of External Affairs is responsible for causing the beginnings of treaties and pacts, these few members are the most crucial in swaying how relations will go. Given their competency, they can evaluate if they believe an idea or negotiation can provide actual benefit or usage to the Foundation and assist the Head of External Affairs in maintaining a foothold in Ovis, or guide him to simply be patient and trust in the security of the site if needs be. It is overall a case of them being there as an additional guide to each of these roles, but also being a source of power and authority. Their competency allows them to make judgement calls on the capabilities of the staff around them, meaning that they can assist in the demotion of rogue or law-breaking staff to ensure the Foundation keeps running as the smooth machine it is intended to be. The O5 does not need to step in themself unless the situation is very dire and requires their authority on the matter, so you could describe them as being a mediator for if a situation goes bad for the Foundation and a calm and collected individual is needed to settle the chaos.


(150 words)

Explain what makes you special: 

 Whilst I have played probably a lot less than most council members, I believe I have demonstrated that I understand the flow of RP and also the importance of diplomacy and passive actions in the server. I know how to handle myself in these situations, despite the dire consequences to the site that they could bring and usually persevere, bringing the success to the Site that would be expected of a Council member. I also have deep knowledge of how to work with the MTFs and also the administration through the time I have spent in other roles such as Nu-7 Commander and Head of External Affairs, going back and forth between the two to gain an understanding of how a unit needs to work with administration. I also can see where pacts are possible and at least attempt to bring them forward to both bring an addition to RP and make it possible for the Foundation to have more grounds on the surface, meaning that I could most likely bring forth a boost in enjoyment and interactivity for the MTFs through my diplomacy. 

( No Word Requirement)

How do you initiate a nuke?: 

 Use the @ command to call a higher ranking member of the staff team, I believe Senior Admin or higher. 

( No Word Requirement)

What are the rules a O5 Council member has to follow?: 

 Only rules I could find were:
Never be anywhere near D-Block

Keep your identity hidden at all times

Be competent and rational in your decisions

Stay away from CCs in the unfortunate event of a breach.

Only go near the surface if there is a dire emergency. 

You must go to a breach shelter if a breach occurs.

Never use a pointless nuke or face punishment.

( No Word Requirement)

What Department would you like to focus on?: I can't do HoEA as Director of the WL anyway, so perhaps Ethics or R&D.

Why would you like to role play as an O5?: 

I've been looking to have a different job to play for a while now and have always enjoyed the Site Administration side of things, and I know that the Council holds weight with its ability to negotiate, hold pacts and help maintain the server and given my ability and desire to help, I believe that the job is the most fitting that I could apply for. UPDATED: I also think with my recent interactions with other council members and doing my best in the Event RP we've had going that I have been able to establish myself this time, instead of my admitted inactivity in my last application. Thanks for reading.

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"Come on in! It's cold out there!"



"How you doing old friend? It's a bit odd isn't it? Surprised we fully opened the Door for you to enter right? I would too, you were first at the door and could look right through it, then we opened it more for a little and then-n BOOM we smashed your feet in! You just a small gap to look through! Funny really, some though it was tragic.... really show's how much we've changed, all of us have..... But yeah, anyhow never mind that! It's in the past! So make yourself at home! You're with us aren't you?"



Welcome to The Council.



Note: This thread will be left unlocked because my Group Manager tag is fucked and I can't lock anything, so apologies.







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