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Simon Zakaevs Shot At The Even Planner

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In game Name:Simon Zakaev


List of warns:10 (8 of them were like 1 years old and now I understand the mistakes I made)

Any previous or current staff experience:None

Why should we pick you?(200 Word Min):So first I would like to state that my Reputation isnt one of the greatest ones but Im willingly to fix it and show the people around me I can prove myself to being a good RPer and give the people who play the server daily to have some fun with the events Im going to show them and I noticed that the general events that are happening are generally for the Veterans and people who are Lvl 50 with multiple whitelist and nobody gives attention to the Security guards that are lvl 20 or lvl 30 Security LTs that are playing and with the Position I will get I Hope that I can increase the Playtime with Giving the Motivation to play and even make them buy a VIP for themselves and open them a whole new jobs to play other Roleplay characthers with some of them chosing to play SCPs or some of them chosing to play Site Administration and even Im willingly to choose some of the normal server players to play Event jobs that with me Im planning to do Events that can give the players a Fun time and some of the SCP lore from my events and I devote myself to the duties I will be charged with If I get the Event Planner and even I have some plans for other Servers as well Such as Combining some certain events from Star Wars RP or 1943 NRP which the Player Base will hate me for it but in a point of view this can still bring the average players from the Other Servers that Werwolf Gaming has shown and I would like to pinpoint a fact that the Star Wars Event planners events are huge ones such as Order 66 Event or The War on Genosis with bringing players and the results of that are amazing such as in weekdays or weekends the server can reach maximum players with huge map interactives. The Events Im going to plan is going to focus on Passive RP Combat RP and Research RP as I gathered some opinions of some Head Researchers that there isnt enough attention to those two RP styles except Combat RP because the Situation is generally considered on Combat RP and if you look at the Average day on the SCP RP server you will see that half or more then of the jobs that the players are playing is based on combat or recontaining SCP this gives me the ideas that the two other RPs styles such as Research and Passive needs to be focused on more for example If I get ever accepted I will be focusing on interactive Events and diffrent ending styles with one of my events having 3 the good the bad and the neutral ending which will be including an opinion system starting 0:0 and your actions will determine the opinions of each other you can make that positive or negative it is according to the players actions that will be taking in my events and lastly Im willingly to see you on the server and playing with me since I will be playing other jobs as well such as from Nu-7 to Site Administration I just want to fix my reputation that is tarnished a bit and show that you guys I am willingly to fix and improve it for you and I hope that this isnt going to be event like Haha Funny Flooded Canada called Atlantis and there wont be any 2 SCP 682 models since this will create confusion. Thank you for Taking your time And reading this Application that Im making

                                                                                                                                          Sincerely Simon Zakaev 

Your event plan:

You will be seeing a Log From SCP 1000 which requires an CL3 Access Would you like to see it?

Log 1000-ad065-x1: The following is a rough translation of recent SCP-1000 attempt at communication with Foundation personnel on ██/██/███ (see attached documentation).

we forgive you;
given choice for now, not forever;
let us back in

The Event will focus on the RP styles that I mentioned on my This Event will start focusing on Negotiations then your decisions will affect if this is going to be Passive RP or Combat RP 

The Event will Start by me and 3 players I will choose and model ourselves to look like SCP 1000 Species which Im trying to find right now on workshop If I dont I will try to use the closet resemblies to that

Ummm Nu-7 Commander Are you seeing what Im seeing in Ovis City?!?

Yes... is that an specimen of SCP-1000!?!?!

I think So I will make sure to report this to Sİte-[REDACTED] and notify Site Director  Zolgamax Jones About it we need to prepare ourselves about it and notify the Department Of External Affairs If they leave any traces about themselves  we can have an risk of exposure of the foundation

Once the Sighting of SCP 1000 is confrimed this will be the signal for us to try to communicate with the Broken English that Im going to use so I will try to make myself a bit doosed off with incense Im going to use so this will add up to my broken english style 

Once the Contacs has been achieved the Site Administration Department with the Department of External Affairs Department will start to have a discussion about the Situations about the SCP 1000 Sigthings once these debates are happening the SCP 1000 Specimens will try to adapt the Current life that is going on the surface Trying to lead a normal life trying to get jobs and try to read about the Human history with them trying to remeber their old past once these events that are happening on the surface the Foundation will finish their debate about what to do with the SCP 1000 Specimens and from now on the Event will divide into three ways 

1) The attempt on SK Class Dominance Shift Event

If The Opinion of SCP-1000 about the Humanity Reaches below than -50 they will start to get hostile with events happening such as kidnapping of killing of humans on the surface and if it goes much more down than -75 the specimens will start raiding the Foundation and start to influence the ranks of the foundation trying to make them side with the specimens and at last the Specimens will declare war on Humanity in Ovis City and try to take over it with raids to the Foundation and to the PD with capturing major Locations and personnel from all of the GOIs and convert them to the SCP 1000 servants 

2)The Neutral Ending

The Neutral ending will happen if you get the opinion between +30 or -40 this event ending will be the result of humanity recognising the Specimens and vice versa this ending is nor bad nor good and nothing will happen (personally I dont advise you to get this ending and try to make an effort for these tasks)

3)The Good Ending

The Ending will consist of 2 events First The Specimens will Gather 50.000.000 RP Money For the Foundation and surface class and this will activate a non-permament event that will activate and the Specimens will start to help you in containing SCPs and helping the MTF against Raids that the other GOIs will make and help the Researchers on their research and give out their information and the technology they have worked on upon themselves in the past and this will give a huge boost in technology for the humanity and beyond 

How the System works: The players will be given some tasks about the SCP 1000 specimens and there will be general 5 tasks if you complete that you will get 20+ opinion if you tried to do it you will get 10+ opinion and if you fail it you will get -25 opinion which the tasks are not going to be easy and you need to be focusing on teamwork and Passive RP these events can change to trying to find a cure to a certain illness or a general tasks to deal with or help the specimens and once these tasks are all done you will get one of the three endings 

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Okay, right.

So to start of, most if not every warn you've got has been within three to four months starting from around June so most of your warns are a lot more recent than a year. I myself am not quite sure on what it takes to be an event-planner but I do have a general idea since I've seen them perform, the application is quite detailed which I like but it does seem rushed at some points with spelling or forgetting letters. My grammar isn't the best either but I do believe this could be polished quite a bit more, I'm not gonna judge on the event as I personally don't know what is classified as a good event for people. Just commenting on the app itself. There's many ways to fix your reputation and being an event-planner takes a lot of creativity and trust. Things which I'm not sure you have or are able to get as of right now.


(Leaning towards a -1)


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Sorry about the Spelling mistakes but While I was writing this I was also dealing with studies as well so I understand the points your telling me and I genuinly respect your ideas and beliefs about me being a minge idiot or even and chimp but Im just here to improve my reputation with making a good event which calls to everyone  and increases the activity of the server that is my motives and I will respect your opinions about my application

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16 minutes ago, ✪Kanser CS.MONEY said:

Sorry about the Spelling mistakes but While I was writing this I was also dealing with studies as well so I understand the points your telling me and I genuinly respect your ideas and beliefs about me being a minge idiot or even and chimp but Im just here to improve my reputation with making a good event which calls to everyone  and increases the activity of the server that is my motives and I will respect your opinions about my application

Well in the end there is still a trial for event-planners so I wouldn't see as to not put you on trial to at least try and give the event a go ahead, knowing Pleig I think he could tell if you're made for it or not.

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  • To get this out of the way, i really recommend using a word processor for future apps. Something like Microsoft Word or Google Docs (which is free). You can use a spelling/grammar checker and pick up on errors as you write.
  • I understand if english isn't your strong suit or if you are really busy. But i'd really would take aside a few hours to just to throw this app in a word processor to iron out some of the glaring errors.
  • As well as, just google some basic writing tips or even read some of the other Event Planner's applications.
  • Mess around with some of the formatting options that this forum provides (the buttons at the top of the reply box).

Right now, your app just looks like a hunk of text and i had to focus in order to process your response to "Why should we pick you?"

  • As for the event plan. Soild. Could be interesting for GOI's to intevene and attempt to sabotage/aid in tasks.

If we are are going with "I'm going to prove myself, despite my rep" card. i feel the best place to show it is in your app.

I know you can do it. So much so, i would be willing to overturn my opinion to a +1 if i see a dramatic improvement in the app.

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Avery almost said everything, so let me leave some feedback based on the experience I have.


  • First of all, 1000? Really? Have you even read what the whole catch with it is? doing a Achor isn't actually cool, despite what people think.
  • Railroading everything up until the point system takes in effect is gonna be pretty difficult, not gonna lie.
  • The point system won't work, simple as.
  • I like the idea of missions, although refer to above regarding point system.
  • How would you know if a mission is failed or not? and how would you know it just didnt end mid-progress?
  • Again, point system sucks.
  • All the endings except Neutral are pretty yikes. With the hostile basically borderline a Civil war (is that what it's called?) with nigh-indestructible people, not to mention the amount of problems it'll cause for staff considering everyone will be breaking NLR in some sort of way. The Good ending is the exact opposite of the bad one, 50fuckingmillion-WE CANT EVEN SPAWN IN MONEY. Help against GOI raids, how? They're monkeys, for Cain's sake.
  • GOC will ruin everything, trust me.


I'm quite on-the-fence on this, to be honest, while I'm leaning towards a denial I'd rather see what the rest of the community thinks of the app for now.

(oh yeah, and I wrote this at 6AM on a fucking weekday dont give me shit for misspellings)

Until then, have the favored 32x32 favoured by the Command part of the SCPRF Solidarity.


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While you're a kind of alright guy, I don't think EP would be the right role for you.

Avery & Plague mentioned all that really needs to be mentioned, although there is one small thing.

Yeah, a lot of events are mainly being focused on the veterans of the server, instead of Security Guards & Lieutenants, which is reasonable as chances are they won't know what to do, resulting in them either awkwardly walking away or them just shooting the event antagonist, including the fact that it's hard to tell if a sec guard is there to minge or to actually roleplay.

But that's just my perspective on that part.


just punch through his fucking head

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Just because you have changed from a minge to an actual roleplayer (Which is definitely an improvement) I still don't think I could trust you with the permissions or use them to their best ability.

On top of all of what bunny and avery have said   



Maybe if you keep improving you will be ready for the position in a couple of months.

I am here to launder money

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Idk man like you really did improve and stuff but like people above said your event won't work out. Already looking at GOC they're gonna fuck the event over like always. 

Still tho I think you should get your try. So I'll do a +1 on this. Mabey it will get funny in the end who knows.

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For Reasons that Plague asked is I will try to buy or print the 50.000.000 Dark RP money so there wont be any spawnings or not and yes I have readen the SCP 1000 files but this event can act like as the last file said please let us back in so if you look at that percpective you will have fun and enjoy this event an Avery yes I can put this in google but Im Turkish so the only thing I have to rely on is my own english which sucks ass and dont worry plague I have set up an notebook which I will take notes in it like what point is the community on and everything and I will notify them if they have failed the mission or not

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I have to detail these Event plans in the Word Documents I have In my Computer but I think I may forgot this one and yes I know that the GOC will try to fuck this up so thats where the Negotiations part comes in so I will be expecting the Foundation and the GOC to come to an agreement

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By the Way I love the Fact that you guys being very detailed is kinda an huge positive for because I get to answer the points and the questions your making an correcting the assumptions your are taking so Keep Them Coming Please and if you want to give a -1 tell the reasons and I will try to answer the most of it

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- App itself, meh, nothing outstanding, typos here and there, but I could still read it. 

- The event, is questionable? As an previous event planner I can say this, having an event that is planned out, where you either are hoping for people to do what you wanted specifically, or you forcing them to do certain RP and things, is always shit. A fun event should be one that is simple enough where a brief message from you  gets the general goal across , but also, you aren't holding there hands the whole time and the player can choose what to do and feel as though they are in control. 

Your event, is just you and three other people, walking about on the dead surface, getting your opinions on everyone. Which probably won't work, because either, no one will care because they will have no clue what is happening. Or you're going to have to tell them everything to do, like, "Hey, guys go do a meeting" "Hey guys care about us, or else we'll kill you"  "Hey guys, can you sent up four MTF to Carshop so we can improve the thoughts of you?"

Overall, need a large re-work.


- I don't think you are really staff material/can trust you. 


- Everything else has already been said. 







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