New Vietnam SCIFI Map

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780 MB big no no to me. Although it does look cool


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Neutral till I try it out myself

Positives: New map, we need more quantity. This map could be used as a hostile base that clones need to take control of (many event opportunities).  Vast area with multiple usable zones for planetaries. Looks neat.

Negatives: Map size. The map (from pictures) seems as it is a flat surface with a few buildings/trees and maybe rocks thrwon down (no natural terrain cover), forcing more barricades to be used --> more lag. The map is quite big and while it seems optimised can be laggy especially at 100+ players. Nothing special besides the jungle-themed part.


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Make has concerning copyright issues relating to it. The author has stolen assets and admits this both on the map desc and commet box. Does not meet our basic requirements for it to be added (We could be Copyright claimed for simply using the map)

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