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Melo Samue's Staff Application

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What country are you from?:


How well do you speak and understand English?:

I'm fluent in english however I may do some minor mistakes gramatically from time to time.



In-Game name(s):

Melo Samue/Agent Nexx/Supervisor Oxide



Play Time. Must be atleast 3 days. No exceptions(SCP-RP):

5 weeks and 1 day

Are you a VIP/GoldVIP?:

Yes, I'm Plat. VIP

Do you have a microphone?:

Not currently since it stoped working properly recently but I should get a new one soon.

Do you have TeamSpeak ( Required )?:


Why should we pick you? (250 word minimum): 

I believe I should be picked for the Staff Team because I have been a long time player in the Server and I want to help this community as I have noticed that there is a somewhat "shortage" of Staff Members and that sometimes there aren't any Staff members available on the server, also before school started again I used to be pretty active in the server however now I have less time available to hop on but I still try to do it everyday. Another reason is that trought my time in the Server I've been in most Whitelisted RP Groups of V6 and I am also a Group Manager currently which I believe shows that I spent time and effort on this community, that I am mature and responsible enough to have important positions and that I'm trusted enough for a position in the Staff Team. I personnally believe that I have a good reputation on the server since I always try to be nice and chill about things with other players since we are all there to have fun but I also try to do a good RP as much as I can to have a good experience for me and other on the server. Finally I had previously been on another Garry's Mod server's Staff Team which gave me experience on using ULX commands and being a Staff Member all around and when in sits I am very transparent towards everyone there to ensure that the sit is not one-sided and the sit is fair to everyone involved.

How long will you be able to play per day?: 

Unfortunetly due to school I will not be able to be on as much as I used to during quarentine, however I should be able to be on atleast 1-2 hours everyday

Any past experience as staff?:

Yes, I was a Moderator in Icefuse MilitaryRP twice in the past.

Any previous warns/bans? If so why? (maximum of 15 warns, exceptions can be made.):

2 warns:

1º for Metagaming

2º for PAC3 Abuse (Camera abuse especifically)

(Note: Both of the warns are old)

Do you know the basic ULX commands Yes/No:

Yes due to my past experience as Staff.

To ban someone: !ban (Username/SteamID) (Time) (Reason) 

To warn someone: !warn (Username/SteamID) 

To kick someone: !kick (Username/SteamID) (Reason)

To bring someone: !bring (Username/SteamID)

To go to someone: !goto (Username/SteamID)

To return someone: !return (Username/SteamID)

To freeze someone: !freeze (Username/SteamID)

Preventing someone from speaking: !gag (Username/SteamID) and !ungag (Username/SteamID) to let the person speak again

To jail someone: !jail (Username/SteamID)

Change Health: !health (Username/SteamID) (Amount)

Change someone's Armour: !armour (Username/SteamID) (Amount)

Check someone's warnings: !warns (Username/SteamID)

Stopsound: !stopsound

Clear decals: !cleardecals

Do you know what SCP-RP is about? (not just job descriptions):

SCP-RP is based on the internet "creepypasta" of the SCP Foundation which is basically a clandestine organization supported by all world governments that specializes in Securing and Containing anomalous entities or phenomena and Protecting humanity from them by keeping them locked away in their so called "Sites" or "Areas", SCP-RP tries to re-create that by putting the players in Foundation workers's feet having to deal with multiple dangerous anomalies from inside the Site that's located in the fictional city of "OvisCity" which no one seems to know where it's located however it's speculated it's located in either Canada or USA. In the Werwolf-Gaming SCP-RP case the SCP Foundation Site-19 has to deal with both anomalous threats from inside and the Groups of Interest threats from outside, however there is more to that since there are multiple Job Classes on both the Site and the Surface, in the Site you have classes from the Mobile Task Forces to the Janitorial Staff, each class has a different role and objective whitin the Site, on the other hand the Surface houses the Local Government of OvisCity and multiple Groups of Interest that can be Hostile, Neutral or Friendly to the Foundation or local Government, like inside the Site each class has a different objective and sometimes there can be some interesting events like Groups of Interest such as the Chaos Insurgency join forces with the Local Government to attack the Site and vice-versa.

Do you understand the rules of SCP-RP(1 word is not an answer).:

I have been on the server for a long time and I have come across the Server rules multiple times to the point where pratically all of them are etched in my mind, so yes I understand the rules.

I'm going to list some basic terminologies involving rules:

RDM (Random Deathmatch)- Killing a player without a valid RP reason

MRDM (Mass Random Deathmatch)- Killing more than 4 players without valid RP reasons.

ARD (Accidental Random Deathmatch)- Killing someone whitout a RP reason accidentally.

RDA (Random Arrest)- Arresting someone without a valid RP reason

Breaking NLR (New Life Rule)- Using information from your past life (after you died) within RP or going back to the place where you died whitin 5 minutes of your last death.

FailRP- Breaking a RP situation by doing things you wouldn't do in Real Life (Suicide to avoid being captured, closing doors while in cuffs, etc)

Microphone Spamming- Using your microphone to annoy people by playing loud sounds, music, etc.

LTARP (Leaving to Avoid RP)- Leaving to avoid an RP situation. 

Example: You are cuffed for breaking a law and you leave the game to not be punished 

LTAP (Leaving to Avoid Punishment)- Leaving the game to avoid a punishment from Staff.

Bodyblocking- Blocking a pathway where only 1 player at a time fits to prevent people from passing.

Example: Blocking a door frame to prevent people from responding to a backup call

Propblock- Blocking a pathway with a prop.

Propkilling- Killing another player with a prop.

Mass Propkilling- Killing more than 4 people with a prop.

Propminge- Spawning unecessary props.

Propfly- Using a prop to fly.

Fail Breach: Killing someone outside of your Containment Chamber while you are not breached or leaving your Containment Chamber as SCP-049-II or 008-II instances without the main SCP (049 and the original 008-II) 

(Final word count: 1008)



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The application does withhold quality, I do actually quite like it. Doesn't look like an entire block of text I need to read through, user himself is very mature in my opinion and the latest warns date back to like May 2020 and one in June 2019.

The only thing I might criticize are minor grammatical mistakes, which really don't concern me.  A microphone would be very beneficial but I'm quite sure there are staff members that do just fine without it.


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Nexx is a really, long term player within the SCP community, he is trustworthy and a good overall player. Although he can be a monke at some times, i honestly see him as a good dude, he proven himself very well. He also knows how to stay out of trouble.

I think Nexx should be given a chance in the staff team.



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