A private event server 35-50 player cap

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What your suggestion is: For a private Event server.  In my opinion it would benefit the whole server by having private events for regiments and regiments.

The EPs would have more freedom and could be even more creative with the events cuz they are only meant for 1 regiment. U could make it so every friday a regiment gets to do 1 event. And it would have fun scenarios like CG could do a drug bust or 74th raid a CIS research facility.

The private event server doesnt need to have 124 slots but only 35-50 and this means that when the regiment is having the event, the main server wouldnt have 0 players on it

And in the event server you wouldnt need almost any ECs as you would have NPCs to do the job and having NPCs would give players something new to fight against rather than 3k hp event characters.

Scriptfodder/workshop link: No

Any additional information:  Please make it a thing

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So one of the reasons that Harland doesent wanna do this is because the server would drop from the top of the Star Wars section which leads to less people going on the server.  But with this being a lower amount of people leaving the server which would lead to it maybbeeee working.



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This is something which I have talked quite a lot about in the discord 

As such I would be very much like this, 

However this is something which requires a whole new system to be utlised fully and the fact that it will cost money, if this is properly thought out it would work very well,

imo the smaller the player count the better. 

This is something for CAT team, and with HLRP being still in devlopment it wouldnt be partical to start a new project. 

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I remember Pie talking even to frisby about this in TS i was there it did sound interesting but it would have to be developed but of course most development is going to HLRP right now so we will have to wait a bit

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This is something I will +1 but cant see it happening for a while. 

It is a great idea to have a separate event server for small missions and will give EPs a lot of freedom to do stuff, the cost should not be an issue and wont be much of a difference.

NPCs that could be used are once such as Normal B1s and VJBase which is a great base.

Development wise, code from the main server could be copied over with a few extra addons to enhance the experience

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A event server will never be used on SWRP. As I've denied these types threads many times in the past.

This type of splitting up of players is messy for so many reasons, and causes so many issues that, understandbly players dont' generally see some of the background issues that this can cause.

-Mismatching of server files

-Minor fixes/updates have to be applied to a second server in sync

-Splitting up player bases doesn't benefit the main server. We must ALWAYS be leading in  our respective fields, because if we aren't somebody else will. Not even a egotistical statement, its simply logically and logistically true.

-DRM issues.


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