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Site Director Application

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In Game Name: Jonathan Knights

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:54350496

Age: 21

Past experience in leadership/ high ranking roles:  Site Director, Head of Security, Site Advisor, Former Sergeant for Beta-1 

Why do you feel that you'll be a good Site Director?: I've had quite a lot of experience playing as Site Director before it was whitelisted as well as a lot of time playing other roles on the server and as such, I feel that I'm capable of being a good Site Director. 

What role does the Site Director have the on site?: The role of the Site Director is to oversee the current site that they're presiding in to ensure that it runs smoothly and to deal with on goings within the site itself. In addition, the Site Director only responds to the O5 Council for advice, orders and decisions. The Site Director cannot overrule the O5 Council when given orders from the Council. 

What is the O5 Council?: The O5 Council is a group of 13 individuals who oversee the operation of the entire Foundation. The O5 Council votes on decisions regarding the Foundation with O5-13 being a tie breaker in cases where the Council cannot decide on what action to take. 

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Overall Positive feedback, Decent Person.

Contact me on Discord (Johnwickisblak#2445) and we can start.


(Also, The Site Director also get advice from other Site Administration, like his Site Advisors. O5's have hundreds of sites they manage, they can't spend all day giving advice.)



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