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In Game Name: Wilhelm Jager/Willo Jonsson

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:194417500

Age: 16

Past Experience in leadership/high ranking positions: Before SD got whitelist I played it some and other than that I have been NCO and CO on military rp servers.

Why do you feel you'll be a good Site Director?: 

I believe I would be a good pick for SD because I can be chill and I know having a broom stick up my ass 24/7 won’t be fun RP but at the same time if someone just fucks around and wont RP or follow orders at all I will make sure they stop by telling them myself or tel there superior(commanders, head researcher and so on) depending on what they did. I can be tough but fair and I believe I have some pretty decent common sense and being 100% serious at all times is hard so compromising RP and having fun is important and I know it. I am not really an OG and all of that but I do believe I have some pretty good knowledge about the SCP lore and some experience with the server too and will not do dum shit like some SDs have done before. Of course I will make mistakes I am only human after all but I am not someone who doubles down on my stance even when I know I am wrong and I can admit when I am wrong. 

What role does the Site Director have on the site?:

The site director's job is to make sure the site is running smoothly and make sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to be doing and not just messing around. SD can also act as the final say in most arguments any foundation staff might have as well as making difficult decisions like termination of SCPs under breaches or what punishments people should get for breaking protocol. SD is also to follow and execute all of the O5 councils orders as he answers directly to them. In summary SDs job is really just to supervise the facility and make sure it is running smoothly and make sure no one fucks up.

What is the O5 Council?:

The O5 council refers to the 13 highest ranking members of the foundation and they are the ones who own all the facilities and are the highest ranking position you can get. They make final say in any situation you could think of regarding the foundation as a hole and they are the ones that make decisions about the foundation as a hole.

Do note english is not my first language so pls forgive me for grammer and stuff like that.

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Still Pending... 

I've just seen one -1, and I still don't believe it's enough feedback. I'm going to ask around to see thoughts about you, and then I'll make a choice tomorrow.


(Also, can the retards Talking/Arguing not do it here? Thanks.)

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- Weak past experiences

- Doesn't really know what the O5 council is

- Personally don't know if I would trust you as SD (have never seen you)



- Understand what SD does/is



Whitelists: Previus: All Nu-7, Head Of External Affairs, O5-8, Beta-1 "Cauterziers" Riot Unit and Sentinel Unit, ECMx2, O5-9 "The Secret Keeper", Nu-7 Commander, CI Delta, HoEA, Alpha-1, Omega-1, ???, Maxwellist Acolyte, E-11 Commander, Site Director, ISD, HoMD and  MC&D Salesman.


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