Geovani's 1st and Only Battalion App

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Steam Name: Geovani


Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:75418044


Current rank on the server: CT Captain


Age: 18


What is your playtime: 6 Weeks 6 Days


Do you have a microphone, is it good quality: Yes


Have you read and looked through the Battalion Handbook: Yes


Do you meet the requirements: Yes


Quick summary about you: IDK I’m Geovani. Not sure what else to say I have 7,000 Hours on Gmod over 2 accounts and have been playing the game for about 6-7 years. I have mostly played on SWRP, however, a good 1000 Hours have been on NRP. Currently, I’m a student in Sixth Form and plan on going to study History and Politics at University next year. Previous RP Ranks 501st Commander, Senior Knight on SWRP and Scaletta Group Manager x2 on NRP, I used to be on NXG before and during the merge in 2017 were I was ARC Commander and 187th Commander.

In Character Section -


In-Game name: Geovani


Highest rank obtained: 501st Commander


What current rank do you have: Captain


What is your current regiment: Clone Troopers


What should we pick you for Battalion: (200 Words - Minimum)


  1. I have experience in leadership as a previous 501st Commander, who got promoted to my position cause I was more competent than my higher-ups, I believe I can bring valued management skills to Battalion as I was in 501st Hierarchy for over 6 months and have been in CT for the past 2 months (Rejoined in mid-late August), even though this was over a year ago I don’t think I have mentally regressed to a point where I couldn’t effectively lead during events or help supervise a regiment. I don't get stuck in maintaining the norm or the bare minimum when it comes to activity performance as I always want to make sure I am useful to anything I am apart of.

  2. My attitude towards other people is just being a cock to them or treating them inferior as they didn’t read page 2 paragraph 3 on the guide to playing Star WarsRP (2020 Update). I don’t minge constantly and try to attempt some sort of RP on this “SeriousRP” server, however, I still know when things are jokes and when things slowly deteriorates into mingery. 

  3. That's not to say I'm gonna be a little bitch who ruins the fun of people on the server I do understand it's a game and I won't get pissed if people don't want to do trainings, Sims, mandos and ect, and I will attempt to make my time in Battalion (If I am accepted) as fun as possible but as serious as possible as I would try my best to be a better member of the community.


Describe the roles and responsibilities of Battalion: (100 Words - Minimum)

Battalion main role is to lead during events (weather this be co-leading or just leading), maintain day to day running of the base and to assist in the running of regiments, they’re not here to replace regimental hierarchy or to ideally by while the hierarchy of a regiment (they are supervising) dose all the work, they should try their best to assist when asked or needed. Battalion has the responsibility of acting as an example of behavior and attitude on base, meaning they should be showing those within regiments what is acceptable in normal duties, trainings/tryouts and events. Battalion who are supervising a regiment shouldn’t get involved with punishing regiments or the running of it, they should be reporting on their activity, performance and behavior.


Have you ever been demoted, banned or kicked: I’ve been banned for Racism and DTS for 2 weeks + Demotion from 327th since I got banned.


Do you understand that Battalion is a very respectable and disciplined rank: Yes


What do Battalion do during Combat, when they are not leading? Stick to your supervising regiment, and assist them with their roles. Or if assigned to a regiment to lead e.g CT when no COs are on, you will organise them while listing to the Battalion leading the event.


What are the 3 duties a Battalion Officer Cadet has to complete before getting promoted as part of his mentoring session? You need to complete basic training (faces, formations, questions), lead 1 base attack and completing 1 server debrief.


What is the job of the Co-Leader during events? Depending on their equipment you should be acting defensively, offensively or as support, don’t replace a regiment e.g do go around spawning barricades when a suitable amount of DU is on. Stick to your assigned play style e.g 501st Supervisor should stick to front lines and 74th supervisor shouldn’t be pushing in the frontline.


Anything else:

Edited by Geovani
The document I copied it from didn't have the a summary about me.

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+1 Geo is a great guy. Very competent in CT and was in 501st Commander. Would be a great loss to CT however. 

Fix app with requirements tho (Quick Summary)

Edited by Nathan

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+1 geovani good man

Past Ranks

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And a bunch of other shit no one cares about...

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Fixed Summary I did have one written but just deleted it since I thought it was cringe + didn't read application template properly.

- Old [CWRP] Ranks (Look how OG I am) - 
CT Commander | CT ARC | 212th ARC | CG ARC | 104th ARC | 501st Commander | GM PVT | 41st SGTM | Jedi Mystic | 2x Event Planner | 2x Jed Knight | CWRP Admin | Jedi Teacher | Sith Arcane | Iron Fron 2nd Deputy | Scaletta Kingpin | Scaletta Don | Stellvertreter Direktor der Propaganda | GD Oberschutze


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The fact that he has to put of with CT on a daily basis should be enough to prove that he'd make a good Batt.

You're also very experienced with other leadership positions on diferent servers or in the past.

Good luck with your app.

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Good Playtime

Being high rank in CT

Good Experience

Had to edit the application for it to be even acceptable

Could be a bit more active


Good luck!

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Has lots of experience.  Even though he is not Major yet in CT, from what I have seen as their supervisor Geovani is still perfectly competant and much better than most other CO+. He also keeps a good level of activity.


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