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Simon Zakaevs Staff Application

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Name:Ahmet Kutad Kara

What country are you from?:Turkey

How well do you speak and understand English?:Yes and my English level is C1 or B2+


In-Game name(s):Simon Zakaev


Play Time. Must be atleast 3 days. No exceptions(SCP-RP):2w 6d 18h 36m

Are you a VIP/GoldVIP?:Yes Plat/VIP

Do you have a microphone?:Yes but sometimes it is broken

Do you have TeamSpeak ( Required )?:Yes I have 

Why should we pick you? (250 word minimum):As you have seen that I have multiple Ideas and have struck on collisions with rules the main sign being me having ten warns or so but I would advise you that I can be also a Excellent roleplayer as the latests times I have been accepted into multiple WL groups and passing thier trials with examples of GOC and Head of External Affairs with me joining multiple Events that have happened at the server and I must say I sometimes bumlick or be a minge I will assure you that it is me just forgotten to take my meds and I have made multiple friends at this server with palying and sharing our thouthgts on the server and the updates that are happening.Since when I joined this server From V4 I have seen multiple situations happening with CI being WL then unWLed with multiple people leaving the server and then new ones entering with dramas happening about xunt or between the playerbase with multiple groups being added or removed.As multiple people saw that I played at the SCP RP server nearly every day but I must say the fact that in these times my family has putting strict rules so you will see me a bit shorter for being online and everything I write will affect this Application I will be making and I hope I will be accepted and ready to become an SCP RP Staff Member and I can assure you that I can be genuine person with a fixed reputation I'am always willingly to take sits that will be requested and helping the players with ensuring the Roleplay will be good for me.

So I would thank you for taking your time and reading this application of mine 

                                                                                                                                                    Sincerly Simon Zakaev

How long will you be able to play per day?:I generally try to play around 10 hours per week in school times but once it is summer I would play around 20 hours 

Any past experience as staff?:In the Werwolf Gaming servers no but In Axe Turkey I have some experience at SCP SL 

Any previous warns/bans? If so why? (maximum of 15 warns, exceptions can be made.):10 warns but there is this warn that I have wanted for 1 month and I appealed that 

Do you know the basic ULX commands Yes/No:Yes I have known and let me demonstrate a bit 

!bring insert steamID

!warn Insert Steam ID here with reason

!ban Insert SteamID reason and time

!kick SteamID reason

!freeze SteamID

!jail SteamId Amount

!return SteamID

!goto SteamID

!gag SteamID

!health SteamID amount

!armour SteamID amount



Do you know what SCP-RP is about? (not just job descriptions):

The SCP-RP is based on a CreepyPasta Called the SCP Foundation which it was founded by Dr. Gears,Fritz Willy and Kain Pathos Crow the SCP Foundation first was seen at 4chan which in the title of SCP-173 which was the first SCP that ever mentioned then to be later as known as SCP Foundation which now has thousnads of anomalies and the SCP-RP is trying to put us in the shoes of a worker,researcher,mobile task force member or an D-Classes shoes to show us what do they do and what is their goals are and the SCP Foundation has this motto called Secure Contain Protect which it stands for their general goals 1st one being Secure which an anomaly need to be secured than Contain which it needs to be contained to prevent its anomalous presence to be found by the general Public and then Protect which protect the anomaly from outside threats the SCP universe helds some anomalies can end the world and some of them can save it but there is also other groups other than the foundation with their own goals and these are:

1)Global Occult Coalition(GOC):Their aim is to seek and destroy anomalies or kill anomalous entities that are around the Globe)

2)Chaos Insurgency(CI):The Chaos Insurgency is a MTF group that went A.W.O.L from the foundation the GOI was founded in 1940 as Insurgency then in 1945 a series of huge raids made them known as the Chaos Insurgency their one goal is to use the SCPs for their benefits and cause resulting in many casulties within the foundation they seem to use the anomalies to create an utopia where humanity will rule over the SCPs but they are just an terrorist group and they want to use the SCPs for their own gains and destrucition) 


3)MCnD or TCS:A kinda club/Mafia group that utilise the anomalous subjects to sell them at huge prices the also have access to multiple cities such as new york hong kong and england as their capital they have a huge underground system and they are one of the top sellers at the black market.The MCnD can sell military arms drugs and even anomalous objects with their leader being an anomoulous humanoid

4)The Church of The Broken God: TCTBG is an GOI that believes the humanity can only advance with machienary and they believe there is a god called Mekhane. The churh can also utilise many SCPs to create their god these are SCP-217 The clockwork virus SCP-1139 and SCP-882 and tehir leaders name is Robert Bumaro in the past they have achieved to create their god in the foundation database this event known as SCP-001 Apotheasis event and the results was mekhane had eaten                              Half of Baja  California 

 Leader Rober Bumaro   Date Unkown the current leader of the church of the broken god 

5)The Sarkics: They are the opposite of The Church of the broken god their main goal is to reverse the advancments that made by humanity and turn into flesh monster adapting to our enviroment they believe a god called Yaldaboath and their prefered SCP is The flesh that hates or know to the foundation as SCP-610

6)The SCP foundation:The Foundation is an orginazation that their main goal is to secure contain and research on anomalies and their motto is Secure Contain Protect 

With these groups the SCP universe gives us this question how can an orginazation so big that it cannot be seen or how they have the ability to contain these anomalies but yet we still wonder.

Now on SCP-RP WerWolf server the foundation has found itself at a Imaginary city called "Ovis City" which they have made an site between the borders of US and Canada the City has been also detected by multiple GOIs as well you have a variety of choices of job from CI to GOC to Foundation and yet how can you expand this or how can you use these jobs for your roleplay purposes I dont know but let me tell you this the only limit is your imagination to create an roleplay situation for yourself.

                                                                                                                                                 Sincerely Simon Zakaev

Do you understand the rules of SCP-RP(1 word is not an answer).:

The Rules of SCP-RP is similair to a normal DarkRP server and those are?

FearRP Breaking cuffs or not doing what your captor has told you is breaking FearRP

RDM Random Deathmatch killing someone without a reason results may change

MRDM Mass RDM is killing more than 4 players without a reason results are Perma Ban

LTAP Leaving to avoid punishment such as warns etc 

LTARP Leaving to avoid roleplay punishment

FailRP Failure to Roleplay sometimes can fail breaching or releasing prisoners its just against roleplay purposes

Metagaming is gaining information by looking at the Scoreboard and using that information against your advantage my result in a warn

Breaking NLR NLR is New life rule which you forget what happened at your last life and if you break NLR or return where you have died the punishment should be a warn

MicSpam Micspam is using a soundboard or just plainold earraping

BodyBlocking bodyblocking is blocking some enterance or exits with yourself and if you are told to move you need to move

PropBlock Propblock is using the Props to deny access to certain areas for players the result of breaking this rule is a warn

NH2RP showing no interest to roleplay punishment should be PermaBan

PropMinge spawning props and just minging with them is a offense and the punishment should be a warn

PropKill prop kill is using props to kill someone the results may change

Mass PropKill killing more than 4 people with props this will result in a permaban since this relates to NH2RP

PropFly Using Props to fly is agains the server rules which you are forbidden to do that the result should be a verbal if the verbally warned player resumes he shall get a warn

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So lets begin with the fact that, you probably wouldnt meet the activity requirements with the Acitivity you stated on your app.

In the "Why should we pick you" I have not found a reason for you to be staff listed other than "I been here a long time" essentially, only 50% of it was understandable anyway, so I may have missed something.

Firstly blindly listing ULX Commands is the most lazy thing you could have done, but even that you messed up, some of the commands either do not exist on the server ( which is fair enought since they are partly default ulx commands). But Espcially, None of these commands just takes a steamID as an input, all of them take a player, if you use !goto [steamID] it just wouldnt work you would need to use $[SteamID] , which transforms the steamID to a player.

Not knowing ULX commands is fine,but you shoulnt even state you do know, when clearly you have absolutely no idea.

The What SCP-RP is about is a generic Description of the SCP-RP and job description, the only WG Specific infomation is useless to understand how the server actually works.

Now I am going to go into the Rules Section ( which imo is actually the most important section) :

  • FearRP
    You forgot to include the requirement of Gun Point
  • RDM
    Horribly undetailed considering we have basiclly an entire page of combat rules which all affect RDM
  • MassRDM
    Mass RDM is nowhere formally defined to be 4 and above and its not even its own rule, every rule has a punishment for Mass Breaking it.
    You get no points for knowing
  • FailRP
    I couldn't even understood what you tried to write
  • MicSpam
    Only provided exampls, and forgot the only case thats actually defined in the ruleset, which is voice changers
  • Bodyblocking
    Bodyblocking as an Armed Person isn't even disallowed if done reasonably
  • NH2RP
    You do not get points for knowing acronyms
  • Mass Propkilling
    Its not defined with 4+ players,  and neither have I ever heard anyone claim so
  • Propfly
    A: Its just propminging with a fancy term B: The Punishment for Propminging is a warn, for anyone above lvl 15

I do not see why you try to include the punishments if you don't actually know the correct punishments, the punishment list is more complex then this.

And generally, I want to know how you rate your english as B2+ or C1, most of your sentences are not even readable.

Do you honestly have no idea what those ratings mean, or are you ignorant of your abillity to speak english?

[Also I am not going to include a +1 or -1 because people should actually read what is being said]


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1 hour ago, Maurice D Biggs said:


You went fucking hard, and without lube. 

Needless to say, Maurice had already stated the points. Personally I felt as though you could become a half decent staff member, but your issues with language and trying to fluff up your app and failing miserably makes me to re-think it. 






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Just because you have changed from a minge to an actual roleplayer (Which is definitely an improvement) I still don't think I could trust you with the permissions or use them to their best ability.

On top of all of what bunny and avery have said   



Maybe if you keep improving you will be ready for the position in a couple of months.

So yeah basically what i said on your event planner application.

I am here to launder money

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On 10/16/2020 at 8:48 PM, ✪Kanser CS.MONEY said:

How long will you be able to play per day?:I generally try to play around 10 hours per week in school times but once it is summer I would play around 20 hours 

So you are telling me, that you a human being during SCHOOL TIMES plays 10 hours EVERYDAY? You must be some type of human being, also 20 hours in summer? You are telling me you would pratically spend the entire day in the server? You either really have nothing to do or you are lying.

The rest Maurice already said.


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19 minutes ago, Melo Samue said:

So you are telling me, that you a human being during SCHOOL TIMES plays 10 hours EVERYDAY? You must be some type of super human, also 20 hours in summer? You are telling me you would pratically spend the entire day in the server? You either really have nothing to do or you are lying.

The rest Maurice already said.


Is this a joke (I mean seriously I can't follow up at this point))? No offense,  but he clearly said per week, not per day.

Edited by Kruni
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35 minutes ago, Melo Samue said:

So you are telling me, that you a human being during SCHOOL TIMES plays 10 hours EVERYDAY? You must be some type of super human, also 20 hours in summer? You are telling me you would pratically spend the entire day in the server? You either really have nothing to do or you are lying.

The rest Maurice already said.



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My head can't contain the way the application is set up. I have a hard time understand the application due to your english. From what I can see, you speak about random things and jump from subject to subject. Overall the application in my opinion is a mess.

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