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In Game Name:Β 

Isaac MilesΒ 





Past Experience in leadership/high ranking positions:Β 

Ethics CommitteeΒ -Β MC&D SalesmanΒ -Β Alpha-1 Senior Agent

Why do you feel you'll be a good Site Director?:Β 

I've been playing multiple different occupations on the server and thus due to my variety of multiple different roles I've learned quite extensively on howΒ  things work around the site. I wouldn't say I know everything there's to know but definitely do I believe I can give it a chance. I do play ECM on the regular and thus wouldn't mind playing Site Director as well, Having played as Alpha-1 when it was still whitelisted I've seen many good examples of how both adequate and awful Site Director's behave and since I've had my fair share of interactions with the Overseer Council I do know what they expect when overseeing a Site Director.

What role does the Site Director have on the site?

The Site Director's duty is to make sure the site is running at its best performance and making sure that daily occupations are carried out as to how they should be, he makes sure to do regular checkups in many different zones and usually acts as a possible advisor for the council. They can also be the voice of the Council if need be since the SD can represent himself publicly however he wants to.Β  Due to their authority they are able to make changes in anyway as long as they seem fit and do not break the legal-codex, the only one's who may overwrite his orders would be the Council. Preferably the Director should work closely with his Advisors to make his own job a lot easier and give the SA's something to do.Β Collaboration goes a long way anyways. Preferably they might check in with Commanders & Head of Departments to ensure all fields within the site are running smoothly.

What is the O5 Council?:

The O5 Council consists of thirteen consecutive members with their designations from -1 to -13 with the last digit posing as a possible tiebreaker for a vote. they hold almost everything there's to know about the site and are pretty much the most experienced out of all site-personnel. Each of them are special and also vastly different in their own ways, they all hold a secret and while they do know a lot. There are things they may not understand about each other. They usually stay out of view and if something needs to be done they'll communicate with the Site Director to effectively get something done.

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