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Oh. Doctor!



Miss, it’s finally time to have a conversation about that city.” Says a woman wearing a black coat made out of wool. The Professor looks up to this woman and asks “Who may you be again? I’ve told many about my discovery.” The woman looks back at the Professor and replies with “I am Doctor Jullie, we talked over the phone. The last time we spoke was regarding the situation revolving around the UN supplies entering that area.” The Professor looks at papers on her desk and says “Ah, yes. I remember you now, take a seat. Let’s begin our conversation.


Something is wrong with that city. People go there with a purpose, then leave it without completing their goals. Every group known to the SCP Foundation keeps up with this same phenomenon, even the SCP Foundation themselves! The only people who don’t experience this is the average civilian who doesn’t know the anomalous exists.




Alert! One new message. 

Transcript Beta: 

Jullie you gotta get down here it’s really bad there’s a war going on with the you N and the foundation I don’t know why ____ so just bring a weapon __________


This is why we believe there is some sort of effect that takes place whenever a group that’s aware of the anomalous enters this city. Multiple wars between groups while all of them don’t focus on their original goal, nor do they remember their original goal. Why is the Global Occult Coalition attacking the SCP Foundation? Why is the Marshall, Carter and Dark organization in America? These questions make no sense, that’s why we will begin an expedition to figure out this phenomenon. Class, I hope you’re prepared for something new. Just recently you probably saw that message from our DCPD, on May 17 that other Police Department traveled here without going to one of the Three Portlands, it was so hard to explain the situation to them. They had no anomalous knowledge, I’d say their lives changed after that portal opened up in OvisCity. This is what we need to study.

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