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My thoughts about the /setjob unofficial rp groups

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To start of with, I don't like the idea, of just making a new RP Group by doing /setjob, I believe you should put it in the Job Suggestion section to await replies from the playerbase, whether or not it's a useful job to implement onto the server.

I believe the playerbase should be the real judge in which RP Groups should be accepted and which should be rejected, I don't think it's fair to just decide to make a new RP Group, by just doing /setjob, since It's kinda lame that you can't read about the goals of the group as there's no Job Suggestion and you can't apply for the group, you don't even get to choose models or equipment and tell the playerbase the jobs purpose.


That's atleast just my perspective about it, but I do wanna know what others think about the /setjob RP Groups or maybe even change my perspective.

I didn't make this thread to hate on anyone or their groups.





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I mean yes, the /setjob can be annoying, for example /setjob GOC Recruit (yes somebody actually did that)

I usually /setjob L.S Follower, mostly due to the fact TSH is my favoured  GOI and i enjoy interreacting with them, GOI's can recruit players so it makes sense.

At the same time ??? exists, i think there needs to be some more In Depth rules over it, as it can be misused 

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I understand if someone from TSH has actually reached out to you and given you info about The Serpents Hand, but otherwise with no knowledge you shouldn't be able to make a job.

I also just killed someone from ACB and now he's back as an ACB employee with no knowledge about the anomalous as far as I know.

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My opinion is that there should be rules for the /setjob command, for example:

-No joke jobs (Ex.: Furry, Horny Teenager, etc.)

-Not being allowed to do /setjob for in-game GoIs without them "recruiting" you (Ex.: doing "/setjob GOC Recruit" or "/setjob Sarkic Cultist" without any of those groups contacting you and telling you about those factions)

In my opinion I don't see the problem with non-existant groups like the "Yugoslavian "Paranormal" Division" for example, to me it just gives something for civs to have fun with, actually I believe it even increases RP for both GoIs and Foundation, the other day we had a guy as a UIU Agent that was there to talk about the Foundation-GOC War on the UIU part which was actually interesting.

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It is limited already. I don't know why people are setting up these foreign anomaly groups using /setjob, that is not allowed and these people should apply for ???. You can join a pre-existing GOI if approached by a member but you cannot start setting up a custom anomaly group as Civ.

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Where as i'm not sure about Yugoslavian stuff as it just seems rather combat based which isn't needed.

But stuff like the ACB is alright as they actually focus on RP and when given stuff to do can be interesting arguably they should be applying for ??? but the kind of thing they do doesn't hurt anyone or get in the way of other peoples roleplay.



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It's a mixed bag. For the most part I couldn't care less what shit people want to roleplay as but the Yugoslavians are pure autism. All they did a day or two ago was raid every 20 minutes. And when I say every 20 minutes I mean every 20 minutes. If that isn't a fucking excuse for Mass RDM then I don't know what is. I also blame the shitheads from ??? encouraging them. While I constantly call it a CI clone I think it somehow manages to be just more black and white than CI at the end of the fucking day.

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Again, ACB (As Nathan Said) Are probably the only /setjob GOI that actually do RP if given or found and is quite interesting.

Research RP Jobs/GOI's never work on the server, but i wouldn't mind seeing an ACB Job suggestion or ??? Applications.

i have overdosed 4 times since being banned from scp rp

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Bruh I(despite being in GOC) really like the ACB civ thing. It's a good breath of fresh air and seeing it be used by good players in the community who can RP as well as mess around with people without causing chaos is cool. I saw them interacting with TSH once and it was a 10 minute conversation since I was invis and they didn't know I was there. While I was there I saw a massive amount of RP between them both before I gave the go ahead to kill TSH member and cuff the head researcher.

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