GM's weapons suggestions.

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So, a few of you saw this suggestion in the Discord channel and, now I'm gonna just put it on here to reiterate the point and highlight a bit more. 

My first suggestion was putting the RTC down to ET. This was because of the fact that, with an GH and a DC-15S, it doesn't really help GM ETs flank much, especially at long range mountain combat. As a result, GM would prefer if the RTC would be lowered down to ET and they receive it as soon as they join the regiment.

The lower ranks feel quite left out at the ranks that they are at because, whenever we're asked to engage in close range or far range combat, they have neither the Flame Thrower nor the RTC, meaning they're not very effective. However, like 501st, it would be more plausible to have another weapon at ET along with our base weapon, as they have the DC-15A and their shotgun, so we could have the DC-15s and the RTC at ET. 

Another suggestion of mine would be to have GM Incendiary Detonators introduced at SO. As said on the Discord Suggestions Channel, one of my SOs had this idea back in June/July, however due to Jimbo and Worm mostly focusing on HLRP, the idea never got through. We'd believe that introducing Incendiary Detonators would help with keeping hostiles off turrets at long range, flushing hostiles out of a room, blinding them and damaging them over time, etc. 

They would mostly work the same way as Wiltos's Force Power "Fire Bomb" as well as the effects. The flame duration could also be the same length as the burning time of the Flame Thrower itself. Obviously, as some people have said, this won't help with a direct push. However, if we were to flank the hostiles and throw a few of these in, we could damage the hostiles from behind, wait for the fire to disappear and then the rest of the troops could push in and take care of the low health hostiles. 

One final suggestion that some of SOs have had recently are fire extinguishers for SOs and above. As questionable as this idea sounds, we GM can unintentionally set a few friendlies on fire. 74th can then not heal them and they are forced to retreat and hide for a while until the fire wears off. 

However, with the SOs and above having access to fire extinguishers, we could put our friendlies out with ease. 74th can then begin to heal them once again, putting them back into the fight as soon as possible. Fire extinguishers can of course be used for various other things too, such as putting barricades off fire so people can climb then, put the signs off fire so people don't burn themselves when they walk into a TR for example, etc. 

I am willing to explain any of these in further detail should people be willing to actually discuss (not randomly cry and yell how shit and unneeded the ideas because our FTs make enough of you cry lmfao).

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The fire extinguisher thing is a bit of a meme but if renamed to something more lore friendly like "fire-retardant biofoam" or something like that then it could be good and make up for how GM occaisionally sets friendlies on fire. 

Incendiary grenades would be cool and not too much of an addition to make GM's loadout op and moving the RTC down will hopefully encourage ETs to stick around in the regiment for longer as they will have more inclusion in events.

Also don't give GM the DLT-18 please for the love of god.

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+1 to the RTC and and Fire Extinguisher would be good for someone to be able to put out some fires.  

As for the incendiary grenades I find that they would be pretty useless. They will be used to either stop hostiles like on CSGO from pushing an area however I still feel like that wont be successful and ECs wont really care and it will just hinder frontlines stopping them from pushing.


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Enlisted Trooper is a starting rank shouldn't have RTC and GM is pretty overpowered i don't think you need more weapons. For the fire extinguisher cool idea just not needed you aren't going to stop mid combat and put someone out and it will cause unnecessary lag. Incendiary Grenade useless same as thermal detonators very situational won't be used. GM have plenty of ET so i don't think a problem lies there, looking at the high ranks and there isn't many maybe look at stuff IC instead of OOC and you may find the problem why.


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I see no reason why the RTC should be moved down to ET. The RTC is one of the best weapons on the server and to hand it straight to ET as soon as they join will possibly make them less motivated to grind for anything other than the Flamethrower. You have regiments like 212th, GC, CG and 327th all get nothing at ET and are doing fine in terms of members. They all also have additional weapons that are unlocked at higher ranks and it isn't an issue for them at all. Also, if someone is active and gets PVT in a tryout, it takes literally 3 days for them to be an NCO. You must understand that other regiments have all gone through tough times similar to GMs, however they always come back from it with good activity from their SOs and Hierarchy. Moving a weapon down to ET from NCO isn't going to change that.


As for the other suggestions, moving FT anywhere from where it is right now would also be stupid because it is capable of killing ETs in under a second and that shouldn't be something given out to anyone under SO. The Incendiary Grenades you are talking about are another thing that I would personally never like to see on the server. This is mainly because I see them being used exactly the same way flashbangs and smokes are currently used - never effectively and always hinders pushes. The grenade would make it so no frontlines could mount an effective push up anywhere until the fire had ran out. Also, with the grenade having 1 poor throw, it may land in a group of 74th healing people and kill them all causing us to loose a push as we would have no healing support. The fire extinguisher idea would be a decent one, however, I would see it as more of something in CEs EQ rather than a flanking frontline regiment's EQ. Yes you may accidently burn people with your FTs, but surely a better solution would be to just be more careful?


These are just my opinions on the suggestion. Hope you can understand some of them.

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Ok so fire extinguiser, huge +1 if possible (also CE could use it too) I'd also be cool to put out fire on objects so it can be used in Passive RP.


RTC in ET is very questionable, as they already get the handy GH, and to compare it to the 501st ET shotgun I have to say that it's a huge difference between needing to be next to the target to use it rather than sit in the back and have possibly the best rifle on the server. I can imagine how much ECs would hate to deal with more ranged jobs.


Now the incidiary grenade sounds interesting but I doubt that it will help much and right now sounds useless. If it is to be added it won't take priority due to more important issues. I really doubt ECs will care if they go through a circle of fire (considering the majority have 2.5k hp). And with the current detonators there are enough FF cases, I'd hate to see an incindiary dropped in a room and sent back at us.


Keep in mind this is my point of view, but who knows maybe I missed some positives with some of the additions. It also comes with recent experience as EC.


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Would be cool if the fire extinguisher was given to CE and Jedi Ace aswell, since we end up using /me fire extinguishers a lot and we will need a proper one,

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-1 First point kinda wack as GC ETs deal with sniper using the same equipment at even longer ranges sometimes..

+1 rest of the shits cool

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gm dont need anything and even if they did it would be the exstingisher since its kinda cool and to answer you evilgejf the reason why 501st got the shotgun at et is because that is their main equipment, gm its a flanking regiment that is why they get the gh at et the flame thrower is an added bonus and yeah the flamethrower is what gm are but they dont 'need' it do their job.


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-1 for the rtc and fire bomb ting, as GC ET god bless theirs souls have to deal with one/ two shot snipers from a hell of a lot further range then GM have to deal with their hostiles. Also it would encourage GM ETs to act like a b-tec GC by only staying on the high ground and only pushing the frontline when really needed. Since GM is a front line / search and destory it wouldn't really play in their playstyle and it  dramiticly change it.

But +1 for the fire begoner 

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