Hanz's event staff application

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In game Name: Hanz Alexkrovich

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:141559090

List of warns: 1 warn for ARDM

Any previous or current staff experience: Was a senior-admin on SCP-RP, got kicked for making inappropiate jokes.

Why should we pick you? (200 Word Min): 

You should pick me as I am a reliable, creative and organized individual ready to give out a fun and player encouraging event. I love creating events and my experience of comes from Arma 3 where I usually create missions for my unit which expand on many themes and scenarios. I'm reliable when it comes to making and organizing events for a group of friends, a larger community or for the fun of it. When it comes to creativity I expand on many different themes involving differnet types of characters and problems that the player or players must face to reach a positive ending to a situation. Organization is key to a good event, where myself or a different event planner may take hours, days or weeks to plan an event and to "fill in any holes" that an event may have, these could include little bumps such as a SWEP or command not working and then finding a substitute to give the same effect and continue on with the event without further troubles. With that being said I think that I would be a great candidate for the position of an event planner, I have many great plans coming for the server and I would happily commit myself to bring fun and roleplay into the server.

Your event plan:

Events will be listed here and updated in the future, if I cannot update the events due to either website issues or me simply not having such perms on the forums I'll update this document:


Small events

The aim of the small events is to create some action for the playerbase, usually something that isn’t common on the server but not too fancy to not confuse / annoy the player

Event one

A small scale event which will include the research department, external affairs department and possibly the combat department, however this depends on the outcome of the event and how the player will react and act. The event will last two to three days, days will be randomly chosen to not meddle with other stuff that is happening on the server but they won’t be separated too much.

Returning with a few more deals.

A portal opens in a large sized room bring the attention of any standing or seated site personnel that is currently on break, a smooth and cold breeze travels throughout the room. Shortly after the operatives in the area immediately rush towards the portal to secure its exit, or entrance, and make sure that no one comes in. After the initial wave of action and shock spreads across the room and the site, the research team currently housed on the site send in a ED-1E UGV, immediately frying itself upon reaching a distance of one meter away from the portal, with that option thrown out of the window a class D is sent instead with the hopes of making contact with the entity on the other side.

A short time passes, ten to fifteen minutes as a rough estimate, where the scientists in charge of the first contact get rewarded with a skull and bodily fluids being discharged from the portal. A real shame.

Few seconds later a man in a closed black suit leaves the portal, brushing off the dust his shoulders collected.

"Hello, I think I've met you before."

Goal of the event will be to create a sense of research RP amongst the players and to hopefully include the external department where they will be tasked with establishing relations with the unknown man.


Event two

Another small scale event, this one including containment specialists and also the research department (however their presence in the event won't be needed). 

With that being said, let's make some fun!

 A plague rolls over the foundation, turning many sick and unable to continue their work. A few side effects include rotting of the skin, lose of motor functions and unresponsiveness as a start. Later, zombie like behaviour is developed in the host, where they will start to act aggresive towards all sentient life forms and attempt to feed on the nearest live body. A mysterious body in the shape of an doctor was seen giving the infected hosts their fake spark of life, they are unknown to the foundation and must be arrested for questionning. 

Goal of the event will be a "traditional" zombie outbreak where the containment specialists will be tasked with containment or extermination of the plague whilst being accompanied with research personnel.


Large event

Will be filled out when I have the time and thought of what I want this event to be, how it'll play out and what effect it'll have on the server and playerbase.



Stay tuned for updates and feel free to ask questions.


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-Has good staff experience and he was a good one while he lasted. Hanz is active so this would result with quite a handful of events that I know he can pull off. 

-Is a chill guy with some weird bread fetish. Why? I got no clue.

-The events looks/sounds quite good.

14 hours ago, Bread said:

got kicked for making inappropiate jokes.

Same man.



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We dont have many events these days. It'd be great to have someone getting everyone hyped for an interesting RP event.

Will you ever make a GOI related event? I really enjoy playing as MC&D but they never get anything to do but sell items.

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