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My application for ???

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Background Story:

My ??? characters name is “Mr Secret”. This character is a mechanically advanced personoid who was develop and created by senior research personnel on site 56. Mr Somebody was created from the flesh of a god same as MTF squad Tau-5 “Samsara” but is given genetically advanced perspects and also is given genetic advancements to allow survival at unbelievable rates. Mr Somebody has their brain from a researcher who defied the foundation and secretly made a copy so then he could survive, the foundation found out of this project of “Dr Jake Helfrost” and began termination of this researcher before taking the project for their own use. The project was solely made so Dr Helfrost could cheat deat but then the body was then altered so then it can be used to identify any hostiles within a facility with no need of a face scanner. Genetic advancements are built in its Brain so then with a view from its eyes, it is able to transmit a facial recognition so then it can identify any foundation personnel and also any unknown personnel posing as foundation operatives or even foundation workers. Mr Secret has been solely designed to be a one man MTF unit with its advanced capabilities. When needed to, Mr Secret is used as a standard Field Agent due to its advanced brain usages to assist in face recognition.

Mr Secret can be called in when immensly dangerous SCPs do end up to breach containment within the site. Mr Secret has advanced eye calibration to allow it to also know how many people are around with a command to be though in his mind.

On 27th November, 2018; Mr Secret was first recognised as a Foundation MTF unit due to its immense success in an undercover stealth op it was designated on with Tau-5 to help in the evacuation in SCP-1730 but Mr Somebody was kept off the records due to the actions it took during the mission. Due to an issue in its brain, all of its emotional views being stripped from its memory to prevent it coming over the mission. Due to this, it lead to Mr Somebody being careless of the personnel he was evacuating and then lead to some personnel resulting in immense brain damage and then leading to many of the rescued to then commit suicide. Due to this,  Mr Somebody was taken off of any planned missions and was put back to their undercover stealth ops that they were programmed for.  Mr Somebody was then recognised as a sole MTF unit due to all it can do when on its own compared to other units.

One mission that got the attention of the foundation, administration personnel on the site that was the home of the creation of him, was a stealth operation for Mr Secret to infiltrate a Chaos Insurgency hideout and allow all known intel of this hideout to then get into the hands of the foundation. On this mission, Mr Somebody bought the trust of 3 Delta CI operatives and found out 25 identifications of CI infiltration units that were inside of the facility. This then had resulted in the foundation successfully locating 25 CI infiltration units that got into the foundation. In the outcome of this mission, it made Mr Secret more trustworth in the foundation ranks but nowhere as near as truested to be given commander classification. Mr Secret is seen as the best Undercover Stealth Agent that the Foundation has ever seen during its existance.

To assist in the survival of each copy of Mr Secret, certain codes have been administered so whenever Mr Secret does end up to come into certain scenarios in the line of duty the foundation are able to try their hardest to keep the current active copy of Mr Secret can be saved and not be needed to have a memory transfer and lose a copy of Mr Secret:

Code Black - "I am close to death, transfer my memory"
Code Blue - "I am being interrogated/torture, ignite counter procedures"
Code Yellow - "I have been spotted, cover blown [UNKNOWN]"
Code Green - "I have vital intel, prep memory transfer"
Code Bright - "My cover has been blown, I need backup/evac ASAP"

??? job details:

Name of the ??? job: APA "Advanced Personoid Agent"

Name of the ??? character: Mr Secret

Player model of my ??? character:

When asked to be an MTF unit:

When asked to become an FA:

Items at its desposal (spawn with): Physics Gun, Gravity Gun, Tool Gun, Containment cuffs, Amnestics (Class A)

Items it can aquire (in equipment): All weapons, Hacking Keycard, Lockpick, All cuffs

Disguises: Civilian, Chaos Insergency Operative, Police Officer

Comms: Foundation, E-11 & NU-7

Kaycards: Clearance Level 3, Chaos Insergency Keycard


Invincible - He is not invincible to weaponary fire but cannot be affected by any types of gasses and also cannot end up to become effected by any infection from any SCPs due to being created by the flesh of a god.

Memory transfer - Mr Secret is able to transfer memory consiousness in the case of a CODE BLACK scenario to a morph of him (In the case of a body death, his memory will be transfered to foundtion data banks to be redistributed into another copy of the body)

Resillience - Mr Secret in the case of a CODE BLUE scenario, pain in Mr Secrets will be cut to help the resillience of any torture methods. Incase of any waterboarding or any forms of water torture, all in built rebreaters will take effect to help the prevention of suffication.


Impact on RP situations:

For my character, it will help in the improvement of RP situations due to the following:

-It allows more to happen within the facility for Researcher.

-Allows Chaos Insergency to have more RP situations to perform rather than just raid.

-Improves awareness on comms.

-Contains a new branch off with the foundation to allow mor GOI to have more than one targets.

-Allows GOI to be able to have a new experience in some RP scenarios

-Will be a fun RP alternative to GOI rather then raid (Not just kidnap SCPs)

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