New Ahsoka Model

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What your suggestion is: Different Ahsoka Model

Scriptfodder/workshop link:

Any additional information: I think this model looks way better than the original and should definitely be added.

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+1 hubba hubba

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11 hours ago, Kids said:

I don't think it is much better than the current ones. Also it is season 7 Ahsoka who wasn't a Jedi or part of the republic really.

current ones, is there more than one?


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Yeah theres two models of Ahsoka on the server atm, or at least last time i checked. Theres one from earlier seasons of clone wars and theres one from the later seasons.

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+1 I looks a lot better and if not used all the time maybe it can still be implemented in Order 66 or other events?


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Current models are part of a pack and are good. Wouldn't really be worth the extra model.

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