Daniel Eclipse's Staff Application

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What country are you from?:

United Kingdom 

How well do you speak and understand English?:

Very well since I am natively English

Steam ID:


In-Game name(s):

Daniel Eclipse



Play Time. Must be at least 3 days. No exceptions (SCP-RP): 

1W 0D 5H 25M (at time of posting) 

Are you a VIP/GoldVIP?:

I am a Platinum VIP 

Do you have a microphone?:

Yes, I do

Do you have Teamspeak (Required)?:

Yes, I do

Why should we pick you? (250 word minimum):

Just before I start, I’d like to say that I know I haven’t met all of the player base/staff team yet so I’ve done my best to convey what I’m like in game;

You should pick me for the staff team as I am an extremely friendly player and I try to be as sensible as possible, whilst also trying to have a bit of fun in both my roleplay and staffing. I always enjoy helping people be it with some of the server’s concepts or the basics of roleplay to an inexperienced player e.g., guiding people around the map for the first time so that they know where they’re going. Furthermore, I am quite a confident and sociable person and these strong assets give me an advantage in game in both RP and staffing since I will be able to effectively deal with players during sits. Also, communicating with other members of the staff team would be made easier thus making me more of a desirable candidate for staff since I would work better with them and not be as awkward together.

Over the years that I have played Garry’s mod I have accumulated a lot of experience with ULX. This allows me to bring tips and strategies to the staff team that some may not know already. Furthermore, since I have been ranks like super admin on WW2 means I have experience with administrating RP servers from serious, semi-serious and not that serious (in the form of jailbreak). Furthermore, my time as event manager on SWRP a long time ago allows me to see situations from both IC and OOC perspectives meaning I can often see situations from multiple sides thus making my sits since I can understand what people are thinking.

On the other hand, experience from staffing on Jailbreak allows me to see that I should strive to balance punishing players according to the player list but also improving the behaviour of others without making enemies. Moreover, being a senior admin meant I was in Jailbreak’s senior staff committee (and there was no executive admin rank) so I sorted out the activity and performance of staff members below me when SMT weren’t on/were busy.

Other skills I bring to the table is that I am very hardworking and dedicated; this can be applied to the server as I will be able to spend more time than usual on the server since covid-19 has caused uni lectures to be online and the majority of them are boring Q&As. I currently work in a pub so I have plenty of experience dealing with idiots which is useful as a staff member since I can deal with minges pretty easily. As well as this, I’m more confident with interacting with people I do not know.

I previously talked about being sensible however I also realise that sometimes everyone needs to lay back a bit. I will often do this in some of my staffing sits since it is also good to be comfortable with the playerbase which can make sits better as staff and players understand each other and potentially the processes involved. I already do this in my role as HoEA when it is quieter on the server and I don’t need to be as serious when talking to people.

How long will you be able to play per day?:

At least 2-3 hours a day during the week; depends on uni workload. Obviously more at the weekend.

Any past experience as staff?:

Yes, the following is my experience as staff in WG;

On WW2-NORP, in 2016, I reached the rank of Superadmin before resigning to focus on my exams in high school.

On SWRP, in 2017, I reached the rank of Event Manager before resigning after disagreeing with the owners on the quality + quantity of event storylines.

On Jailbreak, in 2019, I got to the rank of senior admin before the server was snapped out of existence. 

Any previous warns/bans? If so why? (maximum of 15 warns, exceptions can be made.):

I have no warns/bans 

Do you know the basic ULX commands Yes/No: 

Yes, because of my staffing experience I know the basic ULX commands, for example;

[To ban a player] !ban <name> <length> <reason> 

[To kick a player] !kick <name> <reason>

[To change a player’s armour level but the cringe US spelling] !armor <name> <amount>

[To cloak a player] !cloak <name> <amount>

[To freeze a player] !freeze <name>

[To god(mode) a player] !god <name> 

[To change a player’s health] !hp <name> <amount>

[To jail a player and tp them to the staff member] !jailtp <name> <length>

[To tp to a player] !goto <name>

[To return back to where you/a player tp’d from] !return <name>

[To check a player’s warnings] !warns (and then click on the player’s name in the menu that pops up

[To warn a player] !warn <name> <reason> 

[To mute someone in chat] !mute <name>

[To gag someone (prevent them from using voice chat)] !gag <name>

[To use the stopsound command on every user] !stopsound

[To clear decals around the map for every user] !cleardecals

Most commands have the opposite !un…. which reverses the command e.g.!unjail !ungod

There are also player modifiers which can be inserted into the command to change the target;

[Targets everyone (that are lower in terms of ULX rank] *          e.g. !hp * 100

[Targets myself] ^        e.g. !hp ^ 100 

[To target a ULX group] %[group]             e.g. !hp %vipgold 100

[To target a player via their SteamID] $[id]             e.g. !warn $STEAM_0:0:97554721 Mass RDM

[Target the player currently infront] @       e.g. !hp @ 100

However, this command sometimes isn’t the best as it can go through walls and target someone else which is bad when using !jail @ as it can completely catch the wrong person.

Do you know what SCP-RP is about? (not just job descriptions):

SCP-RP is a gamemode that is inspired by the SCP Wiki page. This page includes details of SCPs that are contained by the SCP (Secure, Contain, Protect) Foundation. It also talks about the numerous sites that the foundation manages. In WG’s version, the site in which we RP in and around is Site 19, located beneath OvisCity.

Whilst RPing on the server, players can choose from site personnel ranging from the lowest staff assistances all the way to the site’s administration (such as the Site Director). There are many roles in between such as separate MTF (Mobile Task Force) units that deal with the containment of SCPs or with the security of the site.

The purpose of the foundation is to capture anomalies that appear (known as SCPs) and protect the public from them; this includes physical protection but also keeping the existence of the SCPs from the general public. The foundation also employs researchers to investigate said anomalies and discover more about them. This is done by using test subjects (known as Class-Ds) which are transferred prisoners; many outside of the foundation find this unethical but it is considered a necessary evil to protect the wider population.

On the other hand, in OvisCity players can become members of GOIs (Groups of Intererst) that are either hostile, neutral or friendly towards the foundation. GOIs interact with the foundation and other GOIs in a multitude of ways e.g. pacts/negotiations. As well as this, the surface also has a fully functioning police department and a mayor in charge of them to simulate a working city.

Do you understand the rules of SCP-RP(1 word is not an answer):

The rules are separated into groups and I will name a few of them to demonstrate my understanding 

Combat rules such as;

RDM (Random death match)  Where you kill a player without a valid roleplay (RP) reason e.g. just killing a class D because you feel like it

Mass RDM --> Killing a lot of players in a short period; again, without a valid RP reason. Things such as a raiding the site and killing Foundation staff that witness the murder of armed staff for example, do not count as Mass RDM

Breaking raid timer --> Raiding before the raid timer is up e.g. every 20 minutes CI can raid the site

General rules such as;

Breaking FearRP --> Where a player doesn’t realistically act to someone pointing a gun at their face and then asks them to do something (i.e. they don’t get up out of a chair when told to). 

FailRP (Name) --> Having a name such as Donald Trump is not an appropriate name.

Propclimbing --> Using a prop to climb to a position where you wouldn’t be able to reach on your own (doesn’t include ladder props which are used in defensive builds. 

Racism --> Using extensive racism in OOC or unrealistically being racist IC.

LTAP --> Stands for Leaving to Avoid Punishment which is when a player leaves a staff sit to avoid a ban/kick/warning

Roleplay rules such as:

Metagaming --> Using a combination of the tab and f4 menu to find that there are more field agents than normal and then face scanning/IDing all of them for no IC reason.

Fail Breach --> Attacking/killing a player as an SCP outside of their CC (containment chamber) when not given permission to breach.

Job Abuse --> Abusing permissions from a job e.g. opening MT door as and then switching to a GOI in order to raid the site easily.

LTARP --> Stands for Leaving to Avoid Role Play which is where a player leaves an RP interaction such as a jail stay.


With my experience with staffing on other WG servers and playtime on SCP-RP, I understand the rules quite well. As well, I understand the different grading of punishments for breaking rules, for example;

Tier 1 is when the rule was broken due to an accident or misunderstanding.

Tier 2 is when a rule was broken intentionally and repeatedly.

The last punishment grouping is “Mass” and is when a rule is broken constantly in the short term or over a long period of time (which has been noticed by a portion of the staff team)

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-Haven't had much interaction with you in-game or in discord but whenever I had some interaction with you it has always been nice.

-App is good.

Should be given a chance especially now when we need more staff and that he has been HLRP staff.


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Very few manage to master the balance between being serious and harmlessly messing around with others for fun. Very few manage to stay serious without being seen as cold and strict. He perfected this balance.

Ive seen him on the server a LOT. Active, competent, knows when to be serious and when to behave casually. Just give him staff already lol

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