W-G james big scprp

unban reaquest

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Server you got banned from:the scp rp

Your name in-game: james big

Your SteamID: (Unkown)

Admins' name that banned you: lorex catro

Admin's steamID:(unknown)

Why did you get banned?: for rdm times 3

Evidence(Un-necessary): cant find any

Why do you deserve to be unbanned?:  ive been reading the rules o fit in with the rp im a big werwolf fan to the point where mywhatsapp profile pic is the werwolf logo

Anything else?:i love the server more than my favourite game

i dont want to be straight unbanned but a day-week seems fair to me (my opinion)

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Ah yes, it seems I am unable to attach recordings on this post.

For anyone interested in seeing;

James admitting only being warned for something he should have been permanently banned for before

Or want to get a video of him excusing himself for killing 3 people, because he has "anger issues". (Whuch is an invalid reason)

Then feel free to DM me, and ill supply the requested video(s). 

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you were allways breaking a rule everytime i see you. 

you were so power hungry that you tought being a nu-7 makes you above everyone.

you dont even know the rules, aswell as jobs too. 

i cant think you being unbanned....

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THE john stance

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