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Your in-Game Name: John Synergy

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:213581846

Your Age: 16

Your In-Game Playtime: 1w, 6d, 4h

Your Warns: 0image.thumb.png.f80f025b85d19171839040235dcce95a.png

Rate Your RP Skills: 8/10 based on the RP I try and do, effort I put in and (most of the time) results.

What O5 Designation would you prefer (1-12) and what character?: 05-6, The Puppet
IC Lore info:



Male. European descent. American origin. Early 40s. Typically dresses in tasteful suits.

Rarely seen in public, but a very active member of O5 Command internally. What few are aware of is that he is a puppet inserted into the O5 Council by the Global Occult Coalition as a possible future attempt at hostile takeover, or perhaps a failsafe.

It seems possible that some or all of the other O5 Council members are aware of his status as a turncoat, and tolerate the situation for their own reasons. Perhaps they view him as a potential asset, or at least view the knowledge of his situation as a potential asset.


OOC Info:


This character will not be a completely bias individual, as said by the first part of the O5 Dossier on the wiki, he is an insert. This individual will not be aware of the fact that the rest of the Council might know his identity and motivations, and will simply try and convey his own ideals and, discreetly, possibly the ideals of the GOC. This could be anything from trying to push research of a specific SCP to try and neutralize it, or it can be as pushing forward changes to better re-contain SCP's before they get to surface.

Have you read and understand the rules of SCP-RP?: I have and I understand them fully, albeit with a small gray area I don't experience fully in combat sections.

Why do you believe you should be part of the O5 Council and what can you bring to the role e.g (Pressure in extreme situations, making the tough decisions): I can bring the exact decision-making mentioned in the question, along with the intent to make sure that all personnel get the best outcome, whether that be approval for projects, or a swift end to less willing personnel that are beyond our ability to save. I am well-spoken and can make extremely quick connections and excuses, which I believe would be useful for covering up the many secrets we may have.

Can you explain what an O5 does for the foundation and the site itself and why he himself differs from any other site Administration?: The O5 Council votes on the most important of matters for the site, this includes: Relations, SCP termination, severe changes in Special Containment Procedures and things that are far out of the permissions of other site administration. The way this also differs is that the O5 Council is not known to anybody, save for a few Clearance 4 Personnel, MTF Alpha-1 "Red Right Hand" and the other Overseers (The Administrator as well if we get technical).

What is the O5 Council?: The O5 Council works as an administrative council for their interests and the interests of the site, even where these areas do not correlate and when they go against each other. They make the largest decisions regarding the Foundation's working and control, and the many secrets that need not be known to the public or even Foundation personnel. They are, in a way, a cruel council that looks over from above and makes decisions for the good of humanity and the Foundation, not always sparing as many lives as they could in turn for safety. I could ramble on about the good and the bad of the O5 council, but what needs to be known is that their decisions are final in every matter, and each council member is so unknown to the Foundation that they are a controlling shadow.

Are you currently head of a department (Job Manager), general staff in Nu-7 or a Site Director?: I am the Job Manager for the SCP-096 Job, Head of External Affairs and a Team Leader in the GOC.

What Department would you like to focus on? (Research, Mobile Task Forces, Ethics,...): Logistics or, possibly, something pertaining to SCP handling or termination, due to my character's apparent connection to the GOC in lore.

Edited by John Synergy
Forgot to add a bit of info about the character, IC and OOC.
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4 hours ago, Mark Kuntson said:


Crybaby, can't RP at all, doesn't play Foundation jobs at all (plays only GOC and TSH and cries and rages if anyone says anything bad about these), idk again doesn't play administration often I see him once a month on HoEA. No administration skills.

Most of this is kunston being silly but he has a point in you don't play lots of foundation administration jobs.

Everything else is waffle.

Neutral for now +1 if you starts playing SA, HOEA, SD, ECM more

I am here to launder money

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Generally a cool person, though that can be said about fairly anyone who isn't a complete cunt-waffle.
Though there are a few people who disagree on him being allowed to get this role, I think it would be best if he were to be given a chance and to see how his actions bring people's opinions afterwards.

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-Pretty good app

-Has shown good leadership skills as GOC and has the qualifications for O5.

-However, as stated in the previous comments is that you should play more site administration jobs.



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- Chill guy

- Perfectly fits his O5

- Decent app


(I don't have an issue with you not playing Site Administration alot, the only reason I see to force people to play it is to see how well they do in command without needing a gun to move people around.)





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+1 / Neutral

Aiming more to the +1


After all, yes. A very good and detailed application, no doubt and seems experienced with managing *cough* Group Manager. Tho a big part of your application makes you seem untrusteworthy as many people mentioned you weren't on Site Admin for a while nor they have seen you so that proves me that you could possibly lack experience even though I doubt that as of now. But, I think that we could generally need SD's as there seems to be times of the day when theres Site Directors missing with is annoying as there wouldn't be any one proper in command until someone with authority comes online (Obviously Site Adivsers don't have power over the site except to help in decisions and reporting/inspecting areas).


Response to the Actual Application


 I have and I understand them fully, albeit with a small gray area I don't experience fully in combat sections.

I guess like others mentioned you should play some Site Admin (I know that you said that you'd improve on that) and that you should gain that experience possibly a little earlier.

(To be honest, everything else seems pretty good, nothing else to criticise)



🔱Josh Nixon🔱
Director Nixon<

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- Your application is detailed/alright, in terms of roleplay you're doing good. 

- You are also the Head of something, or rather a group manager which is one of the current requirements.

- Have not seen you on Site-Admin that much, but that is due my own activity/LOA so I won't complain.

- I cannot say anything based on your leadership as I have not seen you that much on personally, or I have not been aware, however (and therefore), considering you are a group manager I will let it slide, and trust you as everyone who's fit for a candidate deserves a chance.


O5-Council Member:

O5-4 "Frost"

Current ranks within the Community:

[SCP] Vice-Manager

[SCP]  Lead-Mentor

Previous ranks within the Community:



[SCP] Super-Administrator

[WW2] Super-Administrator 
"Junior-SMT" <- Comm. M. Hendrik Scheppert

[WW2] Lead Group-Manager

[WW2] Lead-Mentor

[WW2] Senior-Event-Planner


[WW2] General der Infanterie
> Chef der Heeresrüstung und Befehlshaber des Ersatzheeres
> Höherer Fliegerkommandeur im Luftkreis-II
> Reichskriegsgericht Ministerialdirektor im OKW

[WW2] Oberst und Stabschef des Wehrkreis-Verwaltungs-Amt III

[WW2] Major und Bataillonsführer des "GD" Bat. 'Berlin'

[WW2] Hauptmann d. Panzergrenadier "GD" Kompanie. 'Bruno'
And all ranks below ...

[WW2] Die Rote Kapelle - (Honourary) Officer

[WW2] Eiserne Front
SoPaDe Mitglied (Honourary) |
Constituency "Oslo"
Eiserne Front Soldat

[SCP] O5 Council Member
> O5-4 "Frost" / "Dawn"

 > O5-5 "The Ordinary Man"

 > O5-6 "The American" 

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