Nathan Dixon

939/966 RC fix

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We all know by now that if 1 of the 2 aforementioned SCPs get contained, both get contained? Well if you didn't, now you do. So, why is this a problem?

A) Unrealism

B) 939 is a very weak SCP and is only slightly better by having 2 slots

C) If one of the SCPs is in a bad situation when the other is in a great one, it is unfair that both die when only 1 should

This bug has been around for a very long time and I have no idea why it hasn't been fixed yet. We all know how underpowered 939 is and it would be much more popular if this was fixed

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4 hours ago, Lorex Krato said:

I mean, could just make it 1 slot.

Yes, that would fix it... technically

There is only 1 173, 682, 106 etc., but there are at least 109 known instances of 939, and got knows how many 966 (although only 9 939 instances are kept, and 4 966 instances)

it only makes sense to have multiple of these SCPs and it does make for some quite interesting breaches. if every SCP has a certain trait you gotta be careful of (such as it being invisible or being indestructible) having 2 of them is probably it

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