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Ban Request - Major Jameson (LeadingRanger)

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This or atleast a similar exploit has existed for about a year, i think, it has been pointed out to SMT multiple times and it was never fixed.
Atleast I think this has happened.

Anyway +1 clear evidence, this should have been patched long ago if it is the same bug I remember.

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Yeah, I should prob speak since this is against me. I had no idea it was bannable and me seeing others do it with no consequence made me think it wasnt bad. I understand the problem and I have taken responsibility and got someone else in game to kill me so then I dont have the grenades. I do understand the issue now and I do ask for a chance as I have not yet been informed of this issue.

I know this cant side anyone and I am prepared to face the consequences. If I am given a chance then I will not make the same mistake as I did before. Anyways, you all may chose the verdict

So yeah. My bad

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I was on after it happened and after he knew that it was against the rules he asked me to kill him.

Rather than a long/Perma ban I would say a warn, temporary suspension of WL or a short ban. 


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I also agree with Nell. It looks to me like it's really not a big deal, I was also on during the incident and it was downtime and really it didn't affect the server in any major way and his apology sounds sincere so his punishment shouldn't be severe.



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3 hours ago, John Synergy said:

Downtime isn't a thing on the server, while there are less people, downtime is not a real thing.
Downtime is a mentality, not a reality.

Downtime exists, it's when the server is dead but for some stupid reason people associate it with immuniy to rules



The guy seems to be sincerely sorry, I agree with Nell

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