Increase the number of A-1s and Add A-1 CMD

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The Title is self explanatory.

The Current limit if A-1s is 2, i feel like it needs to be higher to 4, also A-1 CMD could be a very good idea. Here are some reasons why

1. On the server there are currently 12 O5 slots and with "O5 Council Member" 13,  having only 2 A-1s to protect them or do jobs for them is just too low to keep them all satisfied. 

2. More players can play A-1. I see a lot of people really wanting to play as an A-1, one of the these people is me i really like A-1, so far it's my favorite job. Some people didn't even get to try them out when it got Un Whitelisted so adding more slots can help them out. 

3. Adding A-1 CMD. Adding A-1 CMD would be a pretty big move and a very smart one, considering that some of A-1s that i meet don't have a clue on what they are doing, so a CMD to instruct them or get them together would make the A-1  more organized. 

4. If this gets accepted ( wich i hope it will ) i would be very happy and i suggest also to put a WL for the A-1 CMD. Just like the E-11 all of their jobs are WL free but the Commander isn't.

Thank you for reading and see you on the server

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The only way to "fix" A1 is to WL it again which wont happen soon, increasin the number of agents will only make it worse as 2 is bad enough, also no adding a CMDR is utterly useless as who commands A1 are the O5s and there's no need for a CMDR

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Only fix is WL A-1, the second coming.

insert all my fucking wls here so i can prove i have worth in life


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