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Spawnkill and armoury rules update

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Recently, it came to my attention that somebody whom I will not name was having a lot of trouble with the current spawnkill rules on surface, and that the current rules are a major loophole which it is pretty much impossible to warn people for. You are able to spawn and within 1 minute be cuffed and dragged into a GOC or Foundation base on surface if you aren't careful and the people you are hostile with are very aware of the rules.

Introduction aside, let me get straight to the point. 

There should a grace period from when somebody spawns on surface to when they are back 'in RP' and can be cuffed, killed, shot or whatever. This generally should fulfil 2 things:

  • The person in question is capable of defending themselves at the very least, despite it being unsuccessful or not, at defending against a hostile force.
  • The person is not currently in any risk directly after spawning and is able to get to their base, or any safer location without being shot.

Alright, now we know what we need to do, some form of system must be created to make sure these requirements are made and, it is generally a very simple solution.

Add a 2 minute 'grace period' in which people cannot be killed after they spawn

  • No intelligence from their uniform before disguising can be gained, unless they disguise as a friendly towards you (PD see a CI disguise as police in front of them)
    • For example: GOC see a CI in armoury. He disguises as a field agent. GOC cannot know that was a CI before he disguised, even if they knew uniforms
  • People cannot be shot, killed or cuffed during this period, however it is only theoretical and in the rules so no scripting is required
  • If the person shoots during their grace period, it ends immediately
  • Logs to note when the person died or switched jobs will be used to tell when somebody has broken this rule
  • If somebody leaves the armoury/spawn area and their grace period is nearly over (such as 1 minute, and they are safe and with equipment), their grace period ends

I know this is really confusing, and only some of it needs to be written down, but once you grab a hold of it and know the general idea it makes a bit more sense. It is designed to prevent people immediately getting cuffed in armoury due to it being not a spawn zone (which it will remain as, but newly spawned players will be protected for 2 minutes while inside of it, giving them time to get equipment and run away.)

Most people I know generally do have some honour and ask people in armoury getting equipment if they just died before cuffing them. But it should be make an actual rule instead of good will to allow people to actually spawn and play the game instead of being spawn camped because somebody was standing in the armoury and saw a CI change disguise while getting equipment, then immediately go after them and cuff them.

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”oh your MCnD goodbye “ *proceeds to get massacred


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Alright, I know I've already stated my point, but I think SMT will be a bit confused about the thread and that the rules already exist.
These 2 rules contradict:


Are people still spawning when they are in the armoury?

I can kidnap people in the armoury, no matter what? (what this thread is meant to deal with)

If somebody spawns then walks around the spawn for a minute and talks to people OOC, are they still spawning after they go towards the armoury?

When do people 'stop spawning'?

No need to reply to this, just adding to main thread but didn't want to edit it massively without telling anybody.


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good idea, but scripting required

also this might cause a couple problems, people might not be able to get all their stuff and away from armoury in 30 seconds. Generally takes 10 seconds to get to surface armoury (most other jobs spawn in their armoury) and even longer to get gear, attachments ammo and a disguise sometimes. 

beneficial to security in their spawn, attempting to avoid d class who are getting ammo

also good for not letting people deal damage when they immediately spawn, can get annoying as a D class yet again

some jobs should not have this, such as SoD or D class

i like the idea, should be considered

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Common sense

90% of the time NLR killing happens cause person with NLR can't follow NLR for shit, simple as that.

> I'm a sniper
> Fight breaks out at armory ( surface )
> I kill enemy
> NLR guy respawns and runs back to armory
> Armory is still fighting area and I snipe NLR guy, thinking he was one of his teammates.

Should I be warned for thinking I snipped a fucking enemy, when it was fucking guy who couldn't be arsed to wait couple minutes for fight to be over and then go to fucking armory?

Realistically people with NLR shouldn't interfere with shit, if they do and it causes them to get shot/arrested, that's their problem.

In the worst case even if you are in spawn and shit happens, just say " Yo I just died so ignore me " and if you get sniped cause fight was happening in your spawn area well sucks, shit happens not like you lost shit.

"Can I detain people as police officer in armory for having gun if laws say its illegal blah blah blah"
Common sense wise the guy most likely died and him buying guns should be ignored ( server wise it should be ignored as he is just getting his loadout witch is somewhat OOC ( as we have people buying stuff instead of spawning with it cause variety reasons ))

Tho if the guy leaves armory and still walks around with his gun out, yeah detain and shit.

In short, common sense is good enough, adding rules to this will just make it more confusing and create more problems.

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7 minutes ago, Ivanskov | said:


I struggle to understand why you still bother with this shit when this shithole is quite clearly a lost cause. Just a pointless waste of effort, let retards be retards  😎

Inb4 I get forum banned again : D

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4 hours ago, Ivanskov | said:

90% of the time NLR killing happens cause person with NLR can't follow NLR for shit, simple as that.

Well I believe thats not the reason for the thread, my main experience is with a CI getting captured, compromising uniforms, then dying and respawning and getting captured again for the uniform even when its clear he just spawned(and that there wasnt a fight)

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There is a difference between running into a "firefight" with NLR and not.


GOC raids Club. Some bouncers were killed before the raid started but were killed outside the club, so they stand down the street waiting for their NLR to be over. They get shot by GOC. 

The bouncers decided to go there, GOC sees them return, so of course they shoot them. The bouncers could have waited anywhere else and not been shot. 

But I believe we are trying to find a solution to those who dont go to a fight with NLR.  

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While I am unaware if Nu-7 has the same guidelines, but GOC has gotten a rule that falls under common sense that just tells us not to camp CI. In essence, it says leave CI alone unless they do something that we should intervene with, this being because CI and GOC one day were constantly camping each other and complaints were given to SMT. So I believe this should be reason enough for a rule to be made.

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