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My In-Game name:Evilgejf

STEAMID: (http://steamidfinder.com) STEAM_0:1:81866391

Steam Name: Evilgejf

What is the reason for your warn:FailRp

Name of the staff member who banned you:Barry

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: Well basically what happend was that we were surrendering but i never put my gun away to make sure no one was about to shoot up the battalion so i had my flamethrower out. So a bunch of people tried to strip my weapon and comms and i know from time playing on the server they cant strip my weapon and comms unless i put my gun away so i kept just grappling out of their shitty prisoner diamond that i could walk through now i know there was ALOT of droids but that still doesent force me to put my gun away since they never put me in a prisoenr diamond in any form of way. The only expection to this i belive is if they have a prisoner diamond that you cant escape from which i never was in i could always escape and did always escape so i dont see a reason for this warn. If u want anymore info then just put it below or write to me in discord thx for reading.

Like i can say the only one that attempted to really put me in a prisoner diamond was Key but everytime he tried i just moved away or grappled out like 😕

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You have Autism to be Exact.

You were told by Battalion to Surrender i don't know why you wernt,

Also if your were being Surrounded if your trying to grapple away you would be Dead and with the Amount of droids there , You would have your Weapon easily taken off you.

Now just take the Fucking Warn and be done with it


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I mean,




You can strip weapons and comms while you have a weapon out, you cant be cuffed while you have a weapon out

The warn was valid so this will 99% most likely be denied

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I have been taught and always thought that if you are in a prisoner diamond and your weapons and comms are stripped, you must put away your weapon. This is because in a real life situation, if you are surrounded by 4 people to the point that you can not physically move, they have power over you and are most definitely able to grab a gun from your hands. I may be wrong but this is what I have been taught in my time on the server.


If I am correct, then the warn is valid. If not, then you may get it removed.

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4 minutes ago, Pingu said:

I mean,




You can strip weapons and comms while you have a weapon out, you cant be cuffed while you have a weapon out

The warn was valid so this will 99% most likely be denied


Same situation happened some time ago, the warn is valid.


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I was there and u were in a prisoner diamond  with even more than 4 people who stripped your weapons and comms. Even the battalion was telling you to stand down. You disobeyed those orders and grapplehooked out because you couldn't just walk out

IMO warn is rightfully deserved

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It was clear that you had no escape. You have to use your common sense.

Don't go behind the forum's back, asking random high ranking people if they agree with your position. Giving them no context is not good.





Credit to Loki for this.



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Evil i gave you like 6 chances to put the fucking weapon away, the concept of the event was centred around you surrendering per your leading battalions instructions, not sure what rationale you're using to validate your claims in your head but you're wrong.


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There was a prisoner diamond with all of them stripping your weapons and comms, this means u don't decide to flame them all, it is kind of common sense to put away ur weapon and not go rambo on it.


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-1 as you can see in the clip 4 people including myself stripped you of your weapons and comms, you couldn't walk out so you grappled out after calling me a "Retard"

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During my time watching the 1 minuet and 16 second long clip my immersion was broken and I am left disheartened and completely unsatisfied, Completely ruined my day. 

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In my eyes, this warn is perfectly valid.

-You have been in a prisoner diamond with all your weapons and comms stripped. There is no way in RP terms that you could resist that.

-You were also given so many chances by the staff member who warned you, and another one.

-Many comments above show photo and video evidence which also damage the claim you have made to get this warn removed.

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After seeing the clip i can see how i was wrong. 

I understand how i was wrong in the situation and how i didnt see how much i was surronded so wanna say sorry for calling key a retard and calling Barry a special child. (At the time i didnt really look around me while looking at my screen since i wasnet too worried about droids but looking at the video showed that i was wrong in my estimation so sorry 🙂  )

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Your claim makes no sense and i expect you will be getting a strike/demoted for endangering your comrades when told to surrender by Battalion. Whenever you surrender, put your gun away, easy as that.


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