LOA time initated

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im gone because idk. i just wanna take a break from scp rp 

i will try to be active as much as i can ❤️ 

also i wanna point out people that were cool when i was gone (is this legal?):


@Bread cuz hes a big floppa guy and i love big floppa

@Lorex Krato epic guy cuz he helped me ❤️

@Atomik a horny poopy cuz his desc but cool dude (btw i hope you get back on scp-rp :3)

@Bob The Bo meh we all know hes my little side kick ig lol

Kelly. i cant find your forums name so yeah and because hes an epic SD

(edit) @Nathan Kennedy he's my friend in the scprp discord : D 

and thats it. love u all and i hope i see u in scp rp :3 also i wanna mention those admins and mods but forgot their name. sadly but remember i still love all of u 

goodbye! (not forever lololol)

-Mister Enjur, Roberts



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hello wearwolf players




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2 hours ago, Ronald said:

What's the purpose of these threads? Like no one cares if you leave. Even if a known guy goes away no one will care lol. 

In your case:

- You're not known

- You're under 14 ( Perfect for Harland )

- You're literally more cringe than Gritz and Pugo combined.

No one cares if you leave. Just leave without saying anything.

stfu bro. no wonder your parents hated you when your a fetus


hello wearwolf players




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