hurt Blecha the second

what is the most fun job that is a WL

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GOC, and I mean I have a few reasons why.

The job is generally fun, it has nice guns and nice entities it can spawn, considered OP. I don't deny that, but it helps with the look of it if you play it. Second is that with the different groups you can join (Strike Team or Assessment Team) it gives you a job that matches your playstyle (most of the time). With the further choice of which Strike Team you join, you can use it as an RP or combat job. There's the meme of John Synergy going rogue constantly because I'm a member of Judas Priests, and it's so fun to have command when there's a new UTE and you can deal with it by shooting or trying other methods like talking.

Bro who's gonna meme me for this response

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My opinion is ??? & ISD

??? Is a job with great fun so long as you have a good character created for it. I was in ??? for a while and although brief, I had amazing fun with it.

ISD because it opens up plenty of doors with potential RP, with the fact that you can rp as the job you're disguised as & act as an ISD agent can lead to some interesting interactions if you know what you're doing.

just punch through his fucking head

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