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Zeals unban request

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My In-Game name: ZEAL

STEAMID: STEAM_0:1:419401756


Steam Name: zealot x

What is the reason for your ban: unknown, didn't say 

How long were you banned for: 1 week 

Name of the staff member who banned you: unknown, didn't say

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: Well I don't know the reason why I was banned, so I cant go really into depth. All I know is that one of my friends got banned so obviously me and my other friend didnt do nothing wrong after that. About 30 mins passed after my friend got banned and there was no problems, so we logged off. I tried to come on today and I saw the ban. Even if i cant get unbanned, i would at least like to know why I was banned 


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-1 Personally I was online at the time of you being banned and you where minging a lot as ABS and BS, The reason you where constantly cuffing people. You & your friends where put into the Brig due to messing around with your job and just constantly breaking rules.

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-1 Constantly minging all night, made my night hell! Hashtag United on Twitter: "Congratulations to our captain @SpencerOwen for  winning the #WembleyCup! He didn't forget to Hashtag it!… "

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Aight, Imma put this Short because everyone thinks the same. You only have an intention to minge. I witnessed you RDA a CG multiple times across 3 days. Let alone, the CG involved joined in. If you think this is ok and continuing to mess around on basically every job. Constant minging as an ABS. You do nothing but minge on the server and you are lucky I didn't warn you for RDA as it is. 1 week in generous tbh. You have been banned numerous times. You know what you did wrong, I am surprised you don't know what you did wrong. Constantly getting cuffed as an ABS and using the job to abuse cuffs.

To put it short, You are here to minge. End of. Lucky no one else didn't ban you. Honestly, Feel bad for the CTNCO+ who have to deal with you.

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tbh ur lucky you don’t have a perma ban in my opinion

keep the ban lol


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who cares




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-1 just a minge

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You have been on the server for a couple of months and it is constant nh2rp, you get arrested multiple times per day when you are on. I am honestly surprised how you aren't perma banned or have a longer ban.


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Just no. Since I am a the CT EXO I deal with decent amount of minges and you were one of "those" famous minges. Pretty much every time you were on and I was tring to do a training you nearly always got arrested after 3 minutes into the training for PTS and other stuff. While I wasn´t doing any trainings you just minged around most of the time if not all the time. You are pretty lucky that you got only 1 week.

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