Houston Benton [Event Planner App]

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In game Name:

Houston Benton





List of warns:

 None  (  ery noic


Any previous or current staff experience:

All Were Previous on Varying Gamemode / Sandbox / starwars Servers.


Why should we pick you?(200 Word Min):

I would like Like to join the event team since I've got a creative mind and an experience in writing and organizing events for a long time!  And because everyone wants to create the best possible event. An event that's extremely entertaining, fun, horrific,  memorable and involves everyone in the community. The kind of an event that makes you build a relationship with the community and get more involved in making everybody doin their parts. All in all, I'll do my best to create an event that "tests" the ya know which is surely going to make everybody that tries the event feel more connected and have fun. and will cover the tiny details whether it consists of an swep going monkae or an dupe being unusable thanks to an blacklist or what not I'll substitute in these issues with temp solutions or big ol'ones via shouting to very countable fellow by the name plague, And due to the amount of wrong's that can accrue on gmod I'll make sure Unforeseen circumstances cannot be completely disregarded. Whether It be a entity going monkey or an player being too much of a 'loveable' Sport, since there’s always a chance that something could go wrong I can adapt to em and make a ‘plan B’ in time to keep the event goin smooth. Soo It doesn't turn into a heap of a disaster But Instead into a positive experience for all the inevolved.


Your event plan:


Site-1//AC RECON Proposals


Document S-1//AC-RECON-1 — "Olympia-class Containment chamber"

Project Date: 04.01.1947.

Current clearance level: 4


To whom it concerns for the last decade if not more, site-1//ac had some trouble with a rather obscure little shifter honestly i don't even know anymore exactly we sent a shit ton of people to try to get rid of it but instead of seeing MTF's returning victorious we get the dreaded no return but rather a finely printed note with the writing 'please kill it' and it's driven me fucking mad honestly Soo I've got a Proposal to The Head of Security and Mobile Task Forces Director That I Senior researcher J////###  working on this project That we Send in a 'Team' With AG-SC AQUATIC SUITS, Equipped with a Knife and a TB-CD Submerged Pistol Honestly I don't If that Aught to work but the Little Fucker is Shifting His location constantly and entry points one day he'll Probably transport out of our site and get em self inside a random populated place For all I know
                                                                                      ~Dr J

A Small Note: As to Not Spoil the For-mentioned Event Above as I like to keep secret yes yes? It will be a Small Event That Takes Place in a very handsome looking Place that Inevolves Certain Creatures.
There is More Idea's But I won't detail em all here as it will take all day to do soo.
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Great App

Amazing roleplayer 

Trusted by smt

just accept him


Current Ranks:

[NRP] Kompanie "Caesar" Leutnant

[NRP] Gaustabsamt STV. Hauptamtsleiter 

[NRP] Moderator + Deputy Discord Staff Manager

[NRPWehrmacht Generalstab Hauptmann ( Chef d. Heeresverwaltung )

[IRL] Grass Toucher


old ranks;

who cares




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The level of creativity. humor and talent within this man is astonishing. Really awesome. I Trust his character. so now i trust him as an EP with his previously-mentioned skillset. Hope to see you one day as an EM!

Animated GIF

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5 hours ago, Lorex Krato said:

You already make events with your ??? characters. 


So because you cant create RP with other people than John Synergy and a HoEA and maybe an O5 or two, you -1 his application because he does do RP and makes a small "event", Pretty sure your Jackson Wildfire shit was just "omgie goc lets work togeter, omgie hoea lets be mates, omgie ci shoot, let go help foundation"

Surely making "events" with a ??? character is ok? You know...Because its a ??? 

Hello??? Event Planner is the keyword here

Also why would one of the most trusted people on the server "abuse"?

I like how you began crying when a certain one of Houston's characters could do anything but speak

Not forgetting the time you cried to dear told SMT about GOC being able to disguise as MC&D

Also the word abuse is a tricky one when it comes to you Lorex

Sorry if im ranting but i just wanted to say, not even my thread but idc really

i have overdosed 4 times since being banned from scp rp

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You're creative, you know how to rp and its fun to rp with you.

But, lorex has a point, sort of, I have seen you take certain liberties in certain situations.

TLDR: creative, nice, sort of trustworthy with event planner perms. imo 

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15 hours ago, Lorex Krato said:

you already make events with your ??? characters. 


Isn't that to an extent ???'s Objective To create 'RP' Or rather how'd ya like to put it as 'events' But suree ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I don't know how I feel trusting you with commands that can be easily abused considering

Being In Job's that has access to commands there was really never any abuse soo yea although I can understand ya concerns. 


 what I've seen you do for "testing" and "fun" while on "certain" jobs. 

Sure Testing during low pop times but ay I won't judge

"Fun" If you'd like to Consider me playing a Job A Little Bit 'Different' As a negative then there isn't much I can do regarding that as a player I wish to have ya know Fun on the server and roleplay and what not

5 hours ago, Xunt said:

He literally has evidence of him abusing on ???

If there was evidence of 'Abuse' Then I would've been long kicked from ??? Although if ya truly do have send to dm's cheers 👋

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. .
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