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Site Director Application

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In Game Name: Kief James

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:135948744

Age: 13

Past Experience in leadership/high ranking positions: I have not really had any chances to be a leading role but I have played a lot of SA and basic leaders of groups roles like b7 commander.


Why do you feel you'll be a good Site Director?: I feel like I would be a good Site Director because I have good communication skills and know how to handle people and things under stress and pressure and not mess anything up. I will make decisions that will try to benefit everyone not just one group of people. I am also not a very stressed person so I will be calm most of the time and I will not be stressed or angry. I will also not abuse my power as Site Director and will never use it for fail RP or my own fun and ruin the experience for other people. I have also spent a lot of time as SA even though they do not have a lot of power I have still grasped a bit of the experience of what it is like as a Site Director, I am also mature for my age.


What role does the Site Director have on the site? The site director report to no one but O5 and only O5. A Site Director are positioned between level 4 and O5 council and they work directly below the O5 council. The site director tries to offer advice, guidance and tries to answer questions people may have. The Site Director has a responsibility to make sure everything is going right and nothing is going wrong and to keep everything in shape. A site director works with O5 to make sure everything is going the way the O5's want it as well as the Site Director wants it. A Site Director also take feedback from workers at the foundation to make it a better place for them and to let them have a say in what is changing on site and the Site Director tries to make it feel as safe and comfortable as possible for the workers. A Site Director also gives orders to SA's and makes sure that they are doing their job and also makes sure everyone else is doing their job.


What is the O5 Council?: The O5 Council is the highest command in the foundation and have ultimate control over everything to do with the SCP foundation and no one can give them any orders. Each O5 member knows everything about the SCP foundation and they are a very unknown and mysterious group of people who are rarely ever seen and are thought to all be over 70. The identity of all the O5's are hidden, no one knows their real names or where they live and they are all referred to by their O5 number e.g. O5-1. O5 council members should never come in contact with any anomalous object, entity or phenomenon because the risk of losing an O5 council member is too great and the results of losing an O5 member would be catastrophic.


I am going to start putting my updated playtime here:

1 Week 0 Days 1 Hours



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- Detailed application and seems to understand the role of SD.

- Seen online a lot and playing SA 

- Fun to RP with and good to talk too and seem's mature for their age (I did not take you as 13, thought you were 16,17 ish)

- I believe they would be active for SD and also be calm in the job and make RP for others

- Only concerning thing is the amount of playtime.

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+ Seen in-game

+ Can backup that he has a decent amount of playtime on Site Adviser

+Good App

+ Seems competent

+/- Concerning that he's had no past high ranking positions aside from un-whitelisted positions however shouldn't be too bad.

+/- Concerning playtime

Overall giving it a +1, best of luck on your application and hope you get the whitelist.

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Your application for site director has been DENIED

I have reviewed some additional information I developed some concerns so I have decided to deny you to see if anything changes with time although the application it self is alright. Also your low playtime is concerning.

You may reapply in a week.

O5-5 "The Survivor"

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