Speed Increase for the IFTX

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What your suggestion is:Increasing the speed of the IFTX

Scriptfodder/workshop link: N/A

Any additional information:
Due to the IFTX no longer being allowed to spider tank (where it can climb up walls), the main perk of using it is no longer their. As the Tx-130 now does everything better than it. 

What I am suggesting is increasing its speed so it can be a light tank so it can move very fast but cant stay in the fight long. Increasing the max speed from 38 to 120. 
This allows 212th to not just rely on one tank 

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although the iftx is 2 man, the lazer cannon isnt the easiet to use, being able to dip in and out of combat would mean this tank is more useful and effective. As of right now this tank dies very fast due to the low HP and ecs just shoot it with blasters

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if it has low hp then it should at least compensate with speed +1

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+1 I agree with everything that was already stated

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1+ speed buff would be very good for this tank as its been stated its slow for light tank and the main thing about it was banned(which is climbing).

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You're suggestion on how to fix won't be used because currently AT-RT only has 55 at sprinting, so having tank much quicker doesn't really make that much sense. Instead there will be a HP buff.

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