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Add Vertibird

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I think that we should add vertibird cause it would add lots of roleplay.


you would need to have vertibird wl in order to play the vertibird 


We could also use the crashed vertibird cause it is cool.


I dont really see any downside from adding vertibird.


I made this cool drawing of a Vertibird:



I am here to launder money

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+1/neutral although this is a solid suggestion I do believe there are some flaws in it. Such as where would the vertibird fit, which faction would it go to, how will it be used? The conceptual art is really well made and deserves praise but the meaning is not explained in full detail. 

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39 minutes ago, Bob The Bo said:

+1  yes this is just what the OCPD need, an air support unit to kill all the corrupt criminals, very much needed in stopping civil wars and controlling the city to make sure the citizens are safe

You will need it to massacre protestors outside PD when you are a mayor

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+1 unironically the best suggestion in months.

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