Saesee Tiin model change

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What your suggestion is:

Change of the current Saesee Tiin model

Scriptfodder/workshop link:

Battle Armour Model l "Robe" Model (Both Very small totalling in 6MB between the two)

Any additional information:

Screenshots of the models can be seen in this link. The top model is the currently used one. Personally I believe that the currently used model is very bad quality with many people agreeing that it looks hideous. The new CGI ones I believe look much better. And the Battle armour small in size due to it looking nice would be a a great addition to be able to use in events. 

I also believe that the battle armour does not make me look out of place you can still tell that I am Saesee Tiin via the face and like Jedi Masters I also have battle armour.

To add onto any comments about -1 due to CGI. If you look at the generals, you can see that 8/12 use CGI. This is due to the majority of them having any good counterparts. This is similar with Saesee Tiin 

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The model is ugly itself, least you can do to make it better is give it a nicer armour.

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+1 these model's look nice

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look good why not +1

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Current model is within a pack of other Generals too and isn't too bad that it warrant's needing a new one.

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