Maln's Event Planner Application

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Basic Information:

Steam Name + Profile link:
WG Jemand Stalingrad 3000(Steam Link)

Roleplay Name:
CT Vice Commander Maln | Jedi Knight Sunzi

Teamspeak Name:

Playtime on the Server:
7 Weeks 6 Days and 8 Hours as of sending this


Any experience in staffing:
Quite some experience with ULX

Current Age:

0 Warns | 1 Ban

Do you have a working microphone and is it understandable?:
I do have a microphone and I havent heard of people complaining about not understanding me(except during server lags)

Event Plan: 


Enemies, HP, Amount:
 - B1 Heavy Weapons Droid, Base HP, 6
 - B1 Sniper Droid, Base HP, 1
 - Commando Droid, 4000, 3
 - Magna Guard, 30000, 2

Passive, HP, Amount:
 - CIS Commander Goo, 69420, 1

Republic's Execution:
    0.  Current Map is a Venator
    1.  CE alert Battalion that the Venator is heavily malfunctioning and that it is required for all units to abandon ship immediately.
    2.  Once all Troops have landed on Vanqor GC and ARC/RC are being send to scout the area while other Troops wait for Briefing
    3.  Scouts find a base manned with a few CIS droids as well as a bunker.
    4.  Most clones are tasked with taking the base, RC is tasked to infiltrate the bunker silently.
    4a. RC finds the CIS Commander guarded by 2 Magna Guards and asks Jedi for help.
    4b. Once the base is taken frontlines are told to assist RC in taking the bunker and defensive regiments are tasked with garrison the base.
    5. RC finds a data disk containing information about a planned CIS attack.

Event Character Execution:
    1. B1s are stationed on the overground base.
    1a. Organized in 1 Colonel(=Sniper), 2 Sergeants and 4 PVTs they are tasked with defending the base.
    1b. Once the base has been taken one squad keeps attacking the base from the outside while the other squad assists in defending the bunker.
    2. Commando Droids are stationed within the bunker.
    2a. They are mostly passive unless RC blows their cover or once the main clone force attacks.
    3. Once the Jedi defeat the Magna Guards the clones can capture the CIS Commander and hit a Kill Switch disabling all droids.


While performing their regular check on the GR of a republic Venator-class Star Destroyer they find heavy malfunctions caused by unforseeable galactic interferences, they find that the ship cannot be saved and that all units have to abandon ship immediately.
Once arrived on the unknown planet the republic scouts find 2 bases one of them obviously manned with CIS Droids, the other one underground. Without a ship to leave the planet and with all communication devices being broken they find themselves required to overtake that open base in order to contact Coruscant to retrieve them. The elite Commandos are being tasked to silently infiltrate the base to see if they can find any usefull information about the CIS, while infiltrating the base they find that the leading CIS Commander has protected himself in a sealed room guarded by 2 Magna Guards, co-operating with the Jedi the Commandos are fighting against the Commando Droids while the Jedi are fighting against the Magna Guards. Upon hacking a terminal and contacting the republic to help them they also find intel about an attack the CIS has planned on the republic base stationed on the Rishi Moon Outpost. After everyones mission has successfully been fulfilled the republic fleet finally arrives to transport everyone off planet directly to Rishi Moon.

Event Information:

Have you ever Done an Event Before?:

What was your event and was it successfully executed?:

Do you understand the responsibilities an event-planner has? If so, what are they?: 
Event Planners are being tasked to and trusted with consistently holding fun events for everyone involved. They are also required to understand that many events will be a loss for "their" side as too many losses for the clones would most likely make less people enjoy events.
They are also tasked with assisting all players needs whenever there is no staffing personnel or the present staff members are having problems with keeping up with all claims.

Do you understand at the beginning of passing the application stage, you will have to undergo a training phase until completely trusted to create and host events?:
Of course I do understand, the task of consistenly coming up with events requires some preparation and I will more than happily prove that I will be ready to provide everyone playing alongside me on the server with joyful and creative events.

Anything else?:
W-G E-Planner

yo what tis

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Not really much of a community response and would still like to see improvement in activity. You may reapply again in 2 weeks.

Current Ranks

- General

- SWRP Vice Manager

- Caesar Stabsfeldwebel

- Iniquity Revenant



Past Ranks

- SWRP Event Manager

- Grand Admiral

- 501st EXO

- 212th EXO


- CG Temp Vice Commander


- CG ARC Colonel

- Jedi Watcher

- Jedi Agent

- Jedi Consular

- Hauptamt Köningsplatz Oberbereitshaftsleiter

Finance Oberbereitschaftsleiter


- HLRP Senior Discord Staff



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